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iele Lichtstrahlen der Sonne strahlen mitten durch eine Waldlandschaft

Light energy and biophotons

Plants supply us with light energy. Photosynthesis – absorbing energy from sunlight, storing it in leaves and converting it into oxygen – is something that only plants can do. That is why it is so important that our plants grow in healthy soils with lots of natural sunlight. Our cells store light and this can be measured. It is obvious, just by looking at us: we are beautiful and healthy, and we simply feel great. Professor of physics Fritz Albert Popp has proved this scientifically: every cell emanates light. This light’s intensity is reflected in an individual’s vitality and youthfulness. Nobel physics laureate and co-founder of quantum physics Erwin Schrödinger considered that the light stored in food was the decisive regulatory factor for imparting vitality and maintaining good health. We exploit the ability of plants to store light in our holistic natural products. When you use PHARMOS NATUR cosmetics and Lebensgesundmittel, your body absorbs intensive light energy (biophotons) with the holistic network of active substances and high vibrations.

That is why expressing the Aloe Vera gel from inner leaves by hand is so important to us. Only this way can all the potency remain in the gel; the versatile vital components and regulating light energy. This creates a unique synergy in Green Luxury Natural Cosmetics, allowing your vitality and vivacity to shine through.

Our scientific basis: measurements/research

  • Biophysik - Popp

  • Universität Kassel-Witzenhausen - Bereich ganzheitliche Lebensmittelqualität

  • Universität Freising-Weihenstephan – Redoxpotential-Messung Prof. Hofmann EQC

  • Dr. Staller Dunkelfeldmikroskopie-Darstellung

  • Micro-Trace-Minerals, Hersbruck Untersuchung

  • LifevisionLab, Schweiz 

Our sacred plants in the bottle


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