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Beratung vor der Bahndlung

VegetoDynamik® in Margot Esser’s words

Working consciously with and through the body

VegetoDynamik® is a treatment method that sees you as a whole person and puts you centre stage. Your energy system, your body, your mental, spiritual and psychological state, your entire BEING, find unlimited awareness.The essential principles of VegetoDynamik® are biodynamic and positive psychology, quantum philosophy, neuroscience and consciousness research. We know today from quantum physics (Hans-Peter Dürr, former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich) that everything is energy, and energy is information. Every piece of information has a vibration or frequency. Our bodies are matter – condensed energy.Consciousness shapes energy. We use conscious thoughts and feelings to transmit information that strengthens our bodies and our energy fields, and correspondingly boosts our energy levels. And this means mindfulness. Mindfulness to gain an insight into what our 60-80,000 thoughts per day “think” and bring about. How much of our thinking is constructive, and how much destructive? How are thoughts connected to emotions and feelings? A reset is required here, like on a computer, to break us out of the cycle of the same thoughts and feelings, over and over. This is exactly what happens during a VegetoDynamik treatment. A profound release in which the nervous system ceases to interconnect in the usual way. Now the cells can be informed, via the nervous system, with new, conscious, constructive and confident thoughts.

Achtsame Berührung der Hand

What is VEGETODYNAMIK®? – the origins and the background

1. VegetoDynamik® is work with the vegetative nervous system and its integral vital energy!
“Vegeto” means to awaken or wake up. Correspondingly, then, “to fill all the body’s cells with new life”. To awaken the cells and give them new, conscious information. The associated vital energy, whether on the physical, mental or spiritual-emotional level, begins to flow again. “Dynamik” means movement. Blocked, repressed vital energy is able to flow again. Everything is in a process of change. The vegetative or autonomous nervous system is the human body’s communications system. It is an integral part of our vital energy. All our experiences throughout our entire lives are stored in our approximately 100 billion body cells. These patterns from the past shape how we behave, and our likes and dislikes. Ultimately, they determine how we think, feel and act; indeed, they determine our entire lives. The vegetative or autonomous nervous system transports every thought and every feeling directly to every cell in our bodies. Only now do our bodies produce the relevant cocktails of hormones and chemicals (anger, annoyance, joy, desire etc.) that in turn feed our thoughts, feelings and emotions. The body frequently becomes hooked on these perpetually recurring emotions, which ensures that our vital energy cannot flow freely, but becomes trapped in the body in certain places. In turn, this decisively creates our current body structure, with energy blockages and protective shells. The patterns from our childhood are “engraved” into our body’s muscles and tissues. Our VegetoDynamik therapists know this mechanism very well. They have learned to see where and how the blocked energy is trapped, and like detectives, they find a way of allowing the vital energy to flow again. They use mindful touch to do this, and healing words, in dialogue with the customers. Both words and touch relax and regenerate the body and soul to the same extent. Creativity is awoken. Joy and confidence are created.
Behandlung einer Frau mir der Vegeto Methode
Eine Ganzkörper Behandlung mit der Vegeto Methode
Behandlung mir der Vegeto Dynamitk Methode

The courage to try out new things is found.

VegetoDynamik® is conscious work with vital energy and the individual’s entire energy field, which happens with and through the body, towards happiness and joie de vivre within. As a result, all the body’s self-healing powers gain momentum, and the gurgling intestinal noises, known as psycho-peristalsis, during and after a VegetoDynamik treatment, mean your emotions are gently being digested. A wonderful sense of well-being spreads throughout your body, on all levels of BEING.

How does this happen? When head and body are in harmony, a clear, light and free feeling arises. Then pure energy flows. This feels so wonderfully alive and potent. Our vital energy is always there, but in today’s world many people no longer feel it within themselves. We all carry all the emotions of our past with us, like a large, full backpack. Emotions about the experiences we have had in this life, both joyful and painful. Happiness, joy, sadness, courage, cowardice, anger, fear... all hidden in our bodies, our muscles, our cells, and these emotions determine our thinking, our feeling and our actions, yet so often we are not even aware of them. Body and mind have no time to regenerate due to the many daily demands of modern life. The result is constant stress that affects the body, mind and soul.


This has consequences.

During a treatment, attention is directed away from the head and towards the heart. The flow of thoughts is halted. Emotions can calm down. The nervous system can settle and stop connecting in the usual way. Like a computer, it now shuts down and resets itself, so it can make new interconnections. And everyone senses this immediately due to the feeling of lightness and inner freedom. When connected vital energy flows again, blocked fluids flow too. In this way, pain may abruptly change or even vanish. It is like a new start – an incredibly light, liberating sensation. The nervous system is now “broadcasting” information about joy, love, self-confidence and gratitude to all cells. The old information is “over-written”. 

“When head and heart are connected, pure, powerful vital energy can flow!”

Margot Esser

2. Salutogenesis and VegetoDynamik®

As long as you live, you have within you a health potential, no matter how ill or despairing you may feel. VegetoDynamik® focuses on and activates precisely this healthy power – salutogenesis – this incredible energy in every one of us, so it can spread through the entire body into every cell. Muscles, joints and bones release the energy of tension and stress. The back straightens itself. Your VegetoDynamik therapist will help you to turn all your thoughts to health, vitality, joie de vivre and beauty. You will sense this change immediately. Your psyche will become calmer, enabling you to break out of the “cycle” of your flow of thoughts. Joie de vivre, lightness, blissful currents and pulsations all flood your body. Creativity is unleashed. The entire potential of your own abilities is revealed. You will discover how it feels to perceive your own energies, to feel, to sense and, intentionally, to change. This means raising your own energy levels, regardless of what is happening around you. Life flows!

MARGOT ESSER – VEGETODYNAMIK® – a special project and philosophy of life


This unique treatment method and philosophy of life in one was developed and brought into being by Margot Esser, the founder and owner of the select natural cosmetics brand PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury. VegetoDynamik® is not only a treatment method that develops the personality. It is so much more than that – an approach to life formed and shaped by mindfulness, respect and love towards life, people and the “big picture”.  These values are reflected in the cultivation of our healing and rejuvenative plants around the world, in our manual processing, in the production, marketing and sales of PHARMOS NATUR products, and in our treatments. They form the basis of treatments, creating their very own spirit and excellent properties. In a manner of speaking, VegetoDynamik® represents the heart of PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury and has evolved into consciousness work, characterised by the incredible power and energy of this method and approach to life. VegetoDynamik® was developed by Margot Esser over the course of 30 years. It is her special project, into which she poured all her expert knowledge and the experience she gained over many years in a wide variety of training courses and types of therapy. It is shamanism and natural healing methods, spiritual healing arts, neuroscience, consciousness work.

Behandlung mir der Vegeto Dynamitk Methode

Margot Esser’s personal story – the key moment for VegetoDynamik®

In each one of us resides a power that gives us life, that keeps us alive and that helps us to overcome illnesses and injuries. This power ensures that our organs work unceasingly, that our hearts beat, that we can think, feel and move. Without us even needing to consider it. This power has unlimited intelligence that far transcends our human intellectual capacity. In certain life situations, we are aware of this power at work within us and around us.“I learned that this power truly exists after I had had an accident. It took me quite a few years to realise that this visionary power had unimaginable intelligence that turned my life upside down. It led me away from a well-paid job in the pharmaceuticals industry to a human lore of genuine holistic plant healing. This power aided me to grow and evolve. With it, I survived situations that I would never have been able to imagine. It gave me the strength to found a company and to run it in a very different way from what I had seen in the pharmaceutical industry. Above all, however, it awoke my SELF-CONFIDENCE and opened both my eyes and my heart. It taught me self-love, love of life and love of the people and other fellow creatures in this world.


For 30 years now, I have been exploring and investigating this intelligent power, in myself and my surroundings, and with my customers, clients and course participants, because it lives within us all. We are beginning to understand how it acts within us. We learned and continue to learn and re-learn that it strengthens us uniquely and leads us to a life of fulfilment, with genuine joie de vivre and moments of profound happiness. This is how VegetoDynamik® was born.” (Margot Esser)


A method that can help every single individual to do the same (provided they want to)


  • To lead a self-determined life free of fear
  • To inspire new courage and joie de vivre within themselves
  • To awaken their creative potential that has yet to be lived
  • To recognise limitations and blockages, and to release them; to come to terms with past injuries
  • To enshrine a new feeling in the body, accompanied by new thinking
  • To experience moments of profound happiness within.


“My insight: only we can heal ourselves. That is why we need to live in greater harmony with the laws of nature. Humans are not merely a part of nature, we are nature. Plants, when preserved in their wholeness and respected, will help us in this process.

We have forgotten how to connect with nature.

VegetoDynamik’s task is to reconnect us, so we can lead a happy, fulfilled life.” (Margot Esser)


Gruppe steht im Kreis und wird von Frau Esser unterrichtet


How to experience and learn VEGETODYNAMIK®

Treatments, personal development and training, workshops Life starts to become easy and clear when the vital energy can flow freely.
On offer:
1. VegetoDynamik treatments
Treatments with trained VegetoDynamik® therapists are particularly helpful with:
  • activating wellness and mobilising strength,
  • dissolving locomotor system tensions,
  • gaining new flexibility and lightness,
  • achieving inner balance and contentment,
  • inding a new body sensation, full of energy.
2. Weekend workshops / personal experience that provide an excellent first impression of how VegetoDynamik® works.
  • New thinking and acting in everyday life. How do I break free out of my cycle? What can I do to be balanced and stable (again)? How can I boost my own energy levels and strengthen myself? Head and heart find their way to integrity with lectures, meditations and mindful touch. 3 days of theory and practice with and about the VegetoDynamik method.
3. An intensive personal development combined with training as a VegetoDynamik therapist over 5 one-week blocks in one year.
  • The comprehensive training takes place over one year, in five courses each of 4.5 days (including weekends).
  • VegetoDynamik® treatment methods in theory and practice
  • Personal coaching
  • Certificate of qualification as a VegetoDynamik® therapist