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Produktlinie Sensitive Purifying mit Cleansing Gel, Moisturizing Spray, Gentle Peeling, Harmonizing Tonic und Cleansing Cream

Sensitive Purifying


Sensitive Purifying

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“Green Luxury means Nature that works. In this green context, luxury is a value in and of itself and signifies genuine reverence towards Nature, Mother Earth and every living thing."

Margot Esser, Company Founder


Produktlinie LYA mit Power Cream, Décolleté & Body Cream, Eye Contour Cream, Repair Balm und Avellana Oil Seurm


Mature skin

Regular facial skincare is essential and beneficial at any age. And as you age, it can remain simple and uncomplicated with the appropriate care, even when your skin naturally becomes more demanding. Always remember: your best time is now. This guide will tell you all you need to know regarding mature skin and how best to take care of it.



Drei grüne Produkte und Öl Serum für ölige Haut


Oily skin

Do you know what oily skin needs? Above all, light skincare products with anti-inflammatory ingredients and lots of moisture. In addition, precious plant oils containing a wealth of unsaturated fatty acids to help counteract any deficiencies. Cleansing the skin thoroughly is particularly important. Ideally twice a day. Read more inspiring tips in our useful and interesting guide.



Grüne Mischhaut Produkte mit Kerzen als Dekoration


Combination skin

In this case, two types of skin need to be considered: dry skin and oily skin. A balanced diet, reduced stress and good skincare are the best recommendations here. Fortunately, there are many pure plant oils and other untreated active substances that have a positive effect on both areas of combination skin. Read the following guide for more helpful tips on optimal skincare.