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Ein wunderschöner Baum und seine imposanten Zweige.


Our model is nature in her most quintessential form. We have learned a great deal from her, and we are eager to learn more. The secret of the success of our work lies in this connection with nature.

We combine ancient knowledge with new scientific findings. And we pursue our research untiringly. PHARMOS NATUR has been developing Green Luxury natural products and treatments for 35 years.

Sharing and passing on this extensive knowledge, in direct contact with you, in lectures, workshops, seminars and webinars, is something very close to our hearts. Our ACADEMY epitomises knowledge, skills and love, in theory and practice. Welcome!


Frau liegt während einer Behandlung entspannt auf dem Rücken und wird an den Schultern leicht angehoben

Developing and passing on expert knowledge on medicinal plants, effects, treatments and energy centres, biotopes


Are nature, sustainability, mindfulness, ecology and wholeness topics that interest and engage you? Have you already heard of PHARMOS NATUR? Or would you like to become more familiar with our Green Luxury Natural Cosmetics and Lebensgesundmittel? Products made from genuine healing and rejuvenative plants, grown in mixed cultivation around the world? Everything in harmony with “people, nature and environment”? Is it also important to you to learn and know more about us, our approach and our way of working? Welcome!

Our company headquarters is in Bernried, on the west bank of Lake Starnberg, at Am Neuland 2, Bernried. It is an inspiring place with an unrestricted view over the lake. We have everything under one roof. Ideal conditions to put into practice our holistic concepts for beauty, health and joie de vivre, in the best way possible with Sacred Plants, to create, share and pass on to you.

Available courses

Beauty therapist training - b2b - Exciting theories

Are you looking for a new challenge in the field of beauty, health and joie de vivre? Then immerse yourself in unexpected dimensions at the PHARMOS NATUR ACADEMY. And begin your training as a holistic natural beauty therapist.

Our experienced training team will guide you through informative seminars, interesting workshops and exciting lectures.

Turn your passion into your profession. Learn to understand the wisdom of plants with us, and discover that your body’s symptoms and reactions are helpful signposts. You will learn many things worth knowing about the holistic connection between “people, nature and the cosmos”. And you will find the answers to fundamental questions such as:

Why is it so important that cosmetics and Lebensgesundmittel are ecologically, sustainably and energetically produced? Why are we always talking about “nature that works”? What makes the treatments that touch both our skin as well as our innermost being so different?

We will awaken within you a passion that will guide you to economic success. Both in theory and in practice we establish the important connection between head, heart and hand, with expansive expert knowledge, indeed a veritable treasure-trove of knowledge, and many years of experience.

Während einer Behandlung wird einer Frau eine Aloe Vera Scheibe im Gesicht, gegen die Backe gerieben

Compelling practice

The content-related, theoretical seminar programme for the practical part is reflected in the design of the rooms, and this is also something close to our hearts. We provide you with everything you need for successful training and effective seminars, from the comfortable massage table to the most recent presentation technology. We make sure that the procedure is seamless in every respect. A light-flooded wellbeing haven. Regular incense burning ensures that the different energies in our building are always flowing freely.

Everything is compatible with everything else. It goes without saying that both your board and lodging are also included. Your hotel is very close to the training and seminar venue. Light, organic, vegetarian food supplies your body with what it needs in the best possible way. We have thought of everything. Please let us know in advance if there is anything we need to know about your health and dietary requirements.
Please ask us any and every question that is dear to you. We would like you to feel good with us.


Further training - b2b -

Extend your knowledge of healing and rejuvenative plants, important complex topics such as Love your Age, Detox, how our Green Luxury products work, and our treatments.

Take advantage of our further training as an interested sales party, for giving confident advice to your customers, for personal development, for learning and transmitting new conceptual approaches, such as SALUTOGENESIS or biophilia. And as an introduction to the new dimensions of the VegetoDynamik treatment method.

Available courses

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