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Where our plants grow

The energy of cultivation sites with plant portraits 

We love our plants and fruits. For us, the quality of a product starts, quite naturally, with the fields where they grow. We work in a close, trusting partnership with approximately 200 smallholders. 

Our plants grow all around the world. Luxuriant healing and rejuvenative plants, rich in active substances, flourish in energy-rich, potent places. Our Sacred Plants are cherished and nurtured with great love, skill and attention. Our partners are paid a fair price that their families can live on, and that enables them to send their children to school.

Ecuador – Aloe Vera 
Energy-rich light and cool shade in the warm and humid tropics of Ecuador help our special Aloe Vera to flourish luxuriantly and grow for four to five years. The plant then proudly presents to us her majestic Aloe Vera leaves. Every single leaf is har-vested lovingly and mindfully by hand. In this way, the vitality of our healing and rejuvenative plants is retained in full.

Bolivia – Black Sesame 
With our partners in Bolivia, we actively protect the rainforest. Our motto is “Helping Others to Help Themselves” and we are successfully preventing soil erosion and desertification at the sites where our Black Sesame Seed is grown. 
Our partnership with 50 smallholder families so far in southern Bolivia has enabled them to build a new life and to learn organic farming with no artificial chemicals. Sustainable and for the long term. 

The Amazon Rainforest – Annatto
Our Annatto seeds grow quite naturally in the wild of the Amazon Rainforest. Here the Achuar and Shuar tribes mindfully gather them for us. We have promised them that we will help to protect their rainforest habitat and to preserve their exten-sive knowledge. 

The Himalayas – Reishi 
Foragers harvest our Reishi fungus in the Himalayan region, where it grows and flourishes wild and free, in communion with other plants. Without this, the Reishi fungus would not be nearly as effective; it needs this communion to shape and de-velop its unique network of ingredients, its extensive light energy and its high vibra-tions.

The Vienna Woods – St John’s Wort 
Our St John’s Wort grows and thrives in the Vienna Woods in Austria, on untreat-ed meadows flooded with sunlight. In this way we successfully preserve the potency of precious St John’s Wort flowers. Harvesting the flowers by hand is how we ex-press our reverence for nature.

Aloe Vera

Our Aloe Vera grows for four to five years in the warm, damp tropics of Ecuador. Then it proudly displays its majestic aloe vera leaves. It thrives superbly in this potent site that alternates between high-energy light and shadowy coolness. Every single plant leaf is then carefully and lovingly harvested by hand and the ripened gel is gently pressed out of the dark-green leaves. In this way, the entire life force of our Sacred Plants is preserved. We also respect the moon cycles when harvesting. Energy and essential power grow with the plants and supply palpable strength and vitality to our Green Luxury natural products.


Known as the “Mushroom of immortality” in traditional Chinese philosophy, Reishi is one of the oldest and most effective natural remedies. We learned a great deal about special medicinal plants from the indigenous peoples, healers and shamans in Nepal. This is when we discovered the reishi fungus. They all agreed: the 5000-year-old doctrine of Ayurveda, Tibetan philosophy and Chinese medicinal lore: reishi is the fungus for longevity and a holistic food. Hippocrates – ancient physician, 460-375 BC – said it like this: “Let your food be your medicine.”


The annatto tree plays an important role in the everyday life of indigenous peoples. It illustrates their familiarity with the ecosystems in which they live, and how they respect and preserve Mother Earth. The annatto tree is an evergreen shrub and can grow to a height of up to 10 metres. Its bushy foliage is densely adorned with lus-trous white blossoms and heart-shaped, bright red seed capsules. The indigenous people of the Amazon cherish the red annatto seeds for their protective properties against exposure to sunlight and insects. Used for colouring clothing and food, they also have a firm place in the traditional herbal medicine of Latin America.


Our babaco papaya is a real heroine from Ecuador’s mountains. The trees grow high in the Andes, at an altitude of 3,500 metres, on extremely fertile volcanic soil steeped in light energy – biophotons. The babaco papaya is very much at home here. This fertile soil contains minerals and trace elements that are rarely found in our soils these days. An incredibly broad spectrum of nutrients containing a remark-able variety of natural components for a healthy life. All of these plants and their fruits absorb the many nutrients from the fertile soil and develop their many talents under the best climatic conditions

Black sesame seeds

The wonderful sesame plant grows between one and three metres high. Its elongated green leaves with thimble-like flowers taper forward to a point. After three months of growing and maturing, the sesame plant is ready to release its treasure: small black oleiferous sesame seeds. Now the ripe seeds fall out and are gathered. Our sesame plants are able to store a particularly large amount of light energy, which is why harvesting rituals have always been very important in traditional cultures. In this way, the sesame plant is respected, at the material and physical level, and its life force is also respected at the mental and spiritual level.

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