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The benchmarks and milestones of a spiritual company
Extraordinary companies always begin with the story of a special founding personality. Margot Esser-Greineder is such a personality. Her achievements so far include being a committed pioneer and nature researcher with a passionate relationship with healing and rejuvenative plants, Sacred Plants.

At PHARMOS NATUR® Green Luxury, spirituality and energy underpin all our thinking and acting, in everything we do. The sacred in our select healing and rejuvenative plants is also preserved. They are Sacred Plants. Everyone in the company responds to all living beings, plants and people, with this basic attitude.


EMAS signifies comprehensive environmental certificate: how PHARMOS NATUR puts sustainability into practice

 Relaunch of PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury natural cosmetics. An energetic, holistic design, hand-painted Zen decoration, all products in ecological packaging, climate-neutral production 

Produktlinie Sensitive Purifying auf Steinplatten
Frau erntet mit ihrem Kind die Achiote vom Baum


Development and new launch of SUN HARMONY, taking cosmic rhythms and geomancy into account The knowledge of the Achuar and Shuar peoples in the Ecuadorian Amazon defines the SUN HARMONY product range

Ancient plant knowledge and shamanism combined with modern scientific discoveries





Product development with a future: the first men’s range using Sacred Plants –NATURE OF MEN Receives the Gala Spa Award, the highest beauty award in the world


Nature of Men Produkte mit Verpackung mit Pool im Hintergrund
Das Pharmos Natur Firmengebäude in Bernried mit braun grünen Farben und blauem Himmel


30 years of PHARMOS NATUR Move from Uffing on Lake Staffel to Bernried on Lake Starnberg, into a new, beautiful company building


Joins the “Biodiversity in Good Company” initiative Visit to our Aloe Vera and Babaco smallholders in Ecuador, with customers Awarded the SPA DIAMOND for a unique overall concept based on our sacred plants


Margot Esser präsentiert den Spa Diamond Preis
Paul Greineder posiert mit fünf Kollegen für die Asuzeichnung des Baum Umweltpreises


Successful launch of the exclusive rohini range
Paul Greineder receives the Environment Prize from Baum e.V.



“Ethics in Business” award Travel to Nepal to visit our smallholders,
accompanied by customers for the first time

Ein Kleinbauer schneidet im Feld ein Blatt von einer Aloe Vera Pflanze ab
Gruppenfoto unserer Akademieleitung mit Schulkindern in Nepal


Co-founder of Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V.


Margot Esser wins the peace prize for “Humanity and ecological enterprise” from the “World Association of Private Schools and Universities for Complementary Healing Practices” in Graz, Austria

Eine Aloe Vera Pflanze ist in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung abgebildet
Handausschälung und Verarbeitung des Aloe Vera Gels von Einheimischen


A successful partnership with the University Children’s Hospital in Bonn using holistic Aloe Vera pure organic juice in children with cancer. Led by Prof. Dr. med. Udo Bode and Gisela Blaser, naturopathic care management.


Launch of VegetoDynamik® as a training method for “finding happiness through your body. Awaken your consciousness with and about the body,” according to Margot Esser
PHARMOS NATUR® develops the name Lebensgesundmittel®, and registers the trademark internationally


Behandlung einer Frau mir der Vegeto Methode
Paul Greineder Portrait lächelnd vor einem Baumstamm


Paul Greineder, Margot Esser’s life partner, becomes Managing Director
The ecological Aloe Vera mixed cultivation project with MAYA farmers in Yucatán gets underway



1 May 1995, the company moves to new headquarters in a haven in Uffing on Lake Staffel. Attempts to cultivate Aloe Vera in different climatic zones around the world Biophoton measurement of different Aloe Vera plants by Professor Fritz-Albert Popp of the Institute of Biophysics in first Kaiserslautern, then Neuss, confirms high light energy in the Aloe Vera from Central and South America LACON certifies the starring plants in our cosmetics under the Food Act

Braunes Haus der Bauern mit Boden und Natur außenrum
Zwei Flaschen Aloe Vera Bio Ursaft hinter einem Aloe Blatt


Launch of the first Lebensgesundmittel® – Aloe Vera pure organic juice Recognition of the holistic interrelationships between the internal and external for beauty and health Close working relationships with biologists, ethnobotanists, agronomists, doctors and naturopaths to develop further holistic Lebensgesundmittel® and the best natural cosmetic products, without alcohol, citric acid and water



Research and development have pride of place, with a global search for the most exceptional plants to ensure the highest product quality

Handausschälung und Verarbeitung des Aloe Vera Gels von Einheimischen
Die Gründerin Margot Esser Portrait in orangenem Sakko mit grünem Hintergrund


Margot Esser founds Pharmos GmbH in Munich. The first cosmetic products are developed and ready for the market on 1 March 1986

Our sacred plants in the bottle

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