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Frau Esser in Nepal zusammen mit den Kindern der Schule

 Social engagement

Aloe Vera establishes education in Ecuador
Our real heroes are our special Aloe Vera plants from Ecuador, the reliable, future-oriented cornerstone for our Green Luxury natural products, as well as for the Unidad Educativa San Alberto Magno school in Recinto Clementina, which is currently attended by almost 700 pupils.

In partnership with the Ecuador-Hilfe (Help Ecuador) association, under the aegis of Bishop Bertram, we grow our star plant, Aloe Vera, in ecological mixed cultivation, with no agricultural poisons.
In consultation with our partners, we use part of the proceeds in many different areas, including job creation, healthcare, childcare, and above all schools and educational initiatives.
The fair prices that we pay for the plants enable the children to obtain a school education, from primary right through high school. This allows them to build their own independent lives.
Long-term, secured partnerships link us with our smallholders. We exchange knowledge with each other, respond flexibly to changes and continue developing together. They grow with us and profit from every product we sell. That is why the local people are happy to work for our company. They joyfully, mindfully care for the plants, with love. 
We believe in natural cycles and work together sustainably and holistically. This means globalization to benefit all people, and employment and a future for many families. 
Ein Schulfest in Nepal zur Eröffnung der neuen Schule
Die Schule in Nepal von außen.
Eine Schule in Nepal, die Kinder stehen draußen versammelt.

Schülerhilfe Nepal e.V. 

Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V. (Pupil Aid for Nepal) is a project dear to our hearts. After visiting Nepal on many occasions and working very closely with smallholders, we simply wanted to help advance the urgently needed education of rural children in one of the world’s poorest countries. 
With some friends, we are the co-founders of the humanitarian aid organization “Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V.”, which will soon have financed and built ten schools, all in remote areas of Nepal. One of the things we focus on is promoting the education of highly socially disadvantaged girls. Education is key for a good, indeed clearly better future. 
The first vocational school is a decisive next step, because Nepal is still suffering from the consequences of the major earthquake in 2015. Countless people lost their homes and with them, their futures. What is more, the country’s reconstruction is still in full swing. Skilled workers who could assist are needed now more than ever, so another vocational school is more important than ever before.

Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V. already has new plans in place: a residence for apprentices should get the green light in 2020, and from 2021, a middle school primarily for girls, whose chances of obtaining an education are much lower even today. Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V. and PHARMOS NATUR, working hand in hand.
Schule in Nepal, das Gebäude von außen, noch als Rohbau
Gruppenfoto unserer Akademieleitung mit Schulkindern in Nepal
PHARMOS NATUR bei der Einweihung der Schule

The company network Biodiversity in Good Company

As a member of the Biodiversity in Good Company initiative, we feel part of a strong community pursuing an overall vision on various levels: social, political and economic. For us, this is both a challenge and a stimulus to keep on implementing new ideas.
Biodiversity and corporate behaviour interact and become inseparable. That is why PHARMOS NATUR’s corporate content self-evidently goes hand in hand with preserving our ecosystems: only then can we live in harmony with nature. Raw materials, plant growth, water, air, energy – we use all of these “services of nature”.
The close interconnection between nature and business is illustrated daily within our company. In our partnership with smallholders, it is particularly important to us that everything works well together: cultivating, harvesting, processing, sourcing raw materials and paying employees. We firmly believe that the quality of a product starts with the smallholders in the field.


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