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MoringaVera Bio


Kraftvolle Blätter vom Lebensbaum
  • potent leaves from the moringa tree of life. Certified organic
  • sacred plants with body, soul and spirit, intensive light energy (biophotons) and high vibrations
  • a tried-and-tested shamanic recipe from Ecuador for a healthy life
  • improves the oxygen supply in the blood and contributes to balanced iron levels
  • chlorophyll plays a part in healthy blood formation
  • lovingly grown by smallholders in ecological mixed cultivation
  • moringa powder, no preservatives, no genetic modification
  • gluten- and lactose-free, vegan
  • fair and responsible treatment of nature and the smallholders in Ecuador


25 g (€152.00* / 100 g)

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Our search for extraordinary plants, or sacred plants, led us to Ecuador’s Pacific coast, where we discovered the miraculous moringa tree. While researching, we observed the indigenous farmers adding moringa leaves to their drinking water supplies. This aroused our interest. They told us that the moringa leaves kept their drinking water clean, as they protect it from contamination and improve its energy. How does that work? The leaves absorb the healing power of sunlight, and this power boosts the water’s vibrations, giving it healing properties. We learned a great deal more about the healing powers of sunlight in moringa leaves, also through contact and encounters with shamans, with the locals acting as intermediaries. All of nature’s healing powers come from sunlight. The soul power of the plant is awakened by the sun’s rays but not by artificial light.



After many conversations, it was clear: we must acknowledge the laws of nature, respect them and then apply them. If we preserve these interrelationships in our sacred plants, rather than destroying them with extraction processing, then all these powers can be beneficial to humans, allowing them to live healthy, happy lives. The indigenous people encouraged us to recognise what is sacred in the plants, and to conserve it.


If we preserve what is sacred in our plants, then our sacred plants will unleash all their potency. They complement each other and their powers grow in synergy. This is the reason why our carefully ground moringa leaves will preserve your health and well-being when consumed daily in small quantities.



We use various holistic measuring techniques in Germany, and we established that moringa leaves contain intensive light energy (many biophotons) and high vibrations. We also found a wealth of important nutrients that developed over time because the plants grew in a genuinely potent place. Modern science confirms the shamans’ knowledge; they knew that the leaves contain vital substances and nutrients, which contribute to keeping us healthy.

Liebevoll von Kleinbauern in ökologischer Mischkultur angebaut



Das Heilige in den Pflanzen - sacred plants


The healers and shamans also advised us to do everything to preserve the whole network of versatile plant substances. And that is what we do. They convinced us that the spirit of the plant then strengthens us. They have experienced how moringa leaves improve oxygen uptake in the blood and contribute to balanced iron levels in the body. The indigenous shamans knew very well that many Europeans suffer from diabetes. It was their opinion that consuming moringa leaves daily could improve their quality of life; it could also protect healthy people against diabetes.

Kraftvolle Blätter vom Moringa-Lebensbaum

Smoothie mit MORINGAVERA® genießen


Brew 1 level teaspoonful of moringa leaves as tea, at 80 degrees Celsius. Leave it to steep for several minutes then sip slowly. Or add the powder to muesli, sprinkle it over salad, stir it into fromage frais, yoghurt or smoothies. A special recommendation for diabetics: chew 1-2 teaspoons of unadulterated leaves. Interestingly, we also received this advice from doctors in Arab countries.


Nährwerte (100g enthalten durchschnittlich)

Brennwert    1463 kJ
Brennwert    351 kcal
Fett    9,0 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren    3,9 g
Kohlenhydrate    30 g
davon Zucker    6,5 g
Ballaststoffe    31 g
Eiweiß    22 g
Salz    0,10 g

(Abhängig von erntebedingten Schwankungen)

MORINGAVERA® ist ein ganzheitliches Lebensmittel.
Aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau.

Ohne Zusatzstoffe. Ohne Konservierungsstoffe.
Nach Analyse Dr. Graner und Partner GmbH 2017: frei von Blei, Cadmium und Quecksilber.

Kühl und trocken lagern.
Gesamt Nettoinhalt: 25 g

100% reines Pulver aus den Moringa Blättern.

Pharmos Natur Green Luxury GmbH

Laut Lebensmittelsicherheits- und Verbraucherschutzgesetz ist es nicht erlaubt, einem Lebensmittel Eigenschaften der Vorbeugung, Behandlung oder Heilung einer menschlichen Krankheit zuzuschreiben oder den Eindruck dieser Eigenschaften entstehen zu lassen. Darum müssen wir hier leider auf jede weitere Information verzichten.


Moringa Blätter

The Moringa tree – Moringa olifera – is known as the “gift from heaven” and can be found in Asia, Africa and South America. A miracle tree, containing many vital substances and nutrients in its leaves.

100% reines Pulver aus den Moringa Blättern. Ohne Spritz und Konservierungsmitteln.

“If we pay attention to the cosmic rhythms of nature, plants will bestow all their potency and properties on us.”

Margot Esser, Firmengründerin
Appreciation from mother nature
Observance of the cosmic rhythms
Cultivation in organic mixed culture
Fair cooperation with small farmers
Eco-social engagement
Beauty inside and out
Certified Sustainability


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