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Mischkultur in Ecuador, mit Pferden im Feld.

Aloe Vera

The source of eternal youth
Our friendship with very special Aloe Vera from the warm, damp tropics is intensive, unique and natural. Our Aloe Vera is grown in energyrich sites in ecological mixed cultivation and is one of PHARMOS NATUR’s key SACRED PLANTS. Lovingly tended, nurtured and harvested by smallholders, special Aloe Vera, with its own energy, essential power and spirit, links the material and spiritual worlds, in harmony with cosmic rhythms, for us. Our special Aloe Vera plants work miracles. 
Aloe Vera - designation
Aloe Vera Miller Barbadensis. Real Aloe Vera belongs to the large Asphodelaceae family, comprising 15 genera and approximately 800 species. 
Aloe Vera is known as a survivor and that is why it is grown worldwide, but its true home is in the warm, damp tropics. It loves ecological mixed cultivation and exchange with other plants. Only then does it unleash its incredible treasure of active substances, an entire net-work of intensive light energy/biophotons and high vibrations. Aloe Vera is a truly SACRED PLANT.
Extracting Aloe Vera raw organic juice for PHARMOS NATUR
Healthy Aloe Vera gel is harvested by hand from each individual Aloe Vera leaf. The gel fillet is subsequently processed, only in Germany, according to a method specially developed by PHARMOS NATUR, producing our 100% pure Aloe Vera raw organic juice. We also use only this Aloe Vera raw organic juice, instead of water, in our natural cosmetic products. 
Aloe Vera – Description
PHARMOS NATUR’s special Aloe Vera grows in conditions alternating between high-energy light and shadowy cool for four to five years in the warm, damp tropics of Ecuador. Only then does it proudly display majestic Aloe Vera leaves. Every single plant leaf is then carefully and lovingly harvested by hand. The luxuriantly ripened gel is gently pressed out of the dark-green leaves. In this way, the entire life force of the SACRED PLANTS is preserved. 
If this unity is completely preserved, the plant gel remains stable and needs none of the extra preservatives found in so many conventional Aloe Vera products. PHARMOS NATUR also observes the phases of the moon when harvesting SACRED PLANTS. Our highest priority is mindfulness during cultivation, harvesting and processing. The energy and essential power grows with the plants, which exude palpable strength and vitality.
Aloe Vera Scheibe mit Gel wird auseinander gezogen
Große grüne Aloe Vera Pflanze wächst in Mischkultur
Drei Aloe Vera Scheiben vor Aloe Vera Blatt auf Holztisch

Ecological methods and uses

Aloe Vera Miller Barbadensis, grown in ecological mixed cultivation, contains more than 200 valuable substances that have a unique effect on the skin, from inside and out. Our special Aloe Vera plants contain amino acids, fatty acids, anthraquinones, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, potassium, sodium and vital glyconutrients. They line our cells’ “antennae”, support active, optimum cell communication and thus beautiful, healthy skin. Glyconutrients primarily regenerate the mucosa from the inside and also boost the immune system in the entire body. 

PHARMOS NATUR’s Aloe Vera raw organic juice bestows pure well-being, high energy and incredible vitality on the body and simply does good to the mucous membranes throughout the body. Our body’s system is nourished, protected, regenerated and strengthened from inside and out within the shortest possible time. 


Good to know: the outer skin is the mirror image of the internal mucous membranes. Thanks to its viscosity and consistency, when used externally our special Aloe Vera gel is completely absorbed by the skin, taking all the substances in the precious healing and rejuvenative SACRED PLANTS with it. By contrast, water remains on the skin surface. Pure plant potency for all our products.


Traditional use 

For millennia, special Aloe Vera has been called the “source of eternal youth”, because its perfect synergy works miracles for both your health and your beauty. In some cultures, it has long been known as the “plant of immortality” due to its multiple effects: invigorating, regenerative, immune-boosting, purifying and soothing. It acts against inflammations, allergies and weakened immune systems. 

The Aloe Vera plant also relieves burns (especially sunburn), scalds, allergic reactions and ulcers, and boosts skin regeneration. Our Aloe Vera gel is cooling, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and is good for pimples, abscesses, eczema, neurodermatitis and herpes.


Spiritual uses

Nature is simply wonderful, if we approach her respectfully and mindfully. Wild, soft and colourful, with happy SACRED PLANTS. Plants are living beings, with body, mind and soul. Nature is the expression of an incredible creative power. 

And we humans, as part of nature, are directly connected to this primal force. 

PHARMOS NATUR and Aloe Vera Raw Organic Juice

The unique quality of PHARMOS NATUR’s Aloe Vera raw organic juice has its origin in PHARMOS NATUR’s particularly gentle processing method developed over many years. The glyconutrient proportions in our Aloe Vera raw organic juice are particularly pronounced, as shown by its natural cloudy colour. The holistically preserved network in Aloe Vera gel makes a perfect, holistic juice.
Aloe Vera Bio Ursaft

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