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What does beauty mean for PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury?
Some people are irresistibly attractive, whatever their age. What is their secret? Such people are bursting with self-confidence; they are authentic and look naturally stylish. For us, true beauty is found both in the bountiful individual and in the bounty of nature.

Do you remember the perfumes of beautiful plants and colourful flowers? The special fragrances in the forest and the energy of the surroundings? We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, which the plants then convert back into oxygen, in a wonderful, ever-repeating natural cycle. The power of nature is profoundly creative and highly regenerative and, for us, this means beauty. Nature bestows her bounty on us and we work with this gift.

“Green” for us means nature, her uniqueness and beauty, her vitality, power and creative force. Every day we are enraptured by her perfection and her blazes of colour. “Luxury” is being able to put precisely this natural bounty to use. We create the experience of this natural perfection in our products and treatments, just for you.

Frau liegt während einer Behandlung entspannt auf dem Rücken und wird an den Schultern leicht angehoben

Well-being – feeling good, feeling beautiful

We love to describe feelings with words that refer to skin. This indicates how closely skin is connected to our inner, spiritual lives. For example, “to feel comfortable in your own skin” means to feel relaxed and confident – which in turn means to be beautiful.

To keep it that way, our Green Luxury care boosts, protects and supports the regeneration process in your skin and your entire body, sustainably, inside and out. By using our Green Luxury natural products, you will find a new balance, which will radiate from you. This is nature that works. 

Good to know: we always regard nature and her gifts to us from a holistic, sustainable standpoint. Our top-quality Green Luxury products can also help to raise our awareness with all the information they convey. Our bodies and energy fields will be strengthened and the term “holistic” thus regains its original meaning.


Mindfulness, respect 

We are what we think. Give it a try: attempt to discover something new, beautiful and positive in what you believe you know. Such mindfulness will change your behaviour with regard to many issues. Love Your Age – better than anti-ageing – will then produce wonderful results. Sacred Plants will support you. When you respect yourself and treat yourself mindfully, it then becomes a matter of course to do the same to other people. For us, this affects all areas of life and work, from cultivation to harvesting and from processing to production to selling our Green Luxury products. In all areas, fairness and mutual respect are of utmost importance, as is fair payment for the work that everyone does, wherever they are. Everything is important.

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Love Your Age 

We took this decision entirely consciously. Love Your Age is better than anti-ageing. Current neuroscience research confirms that we can influence our cells with positive thoughts and feelings. Do you know what happens then? You give your cells a perceptible stimulus to activate youthfulness, vivacity and well-being. Quite naturally.

Our LOVE YOUR AGE series is pure plant potency for rejuvenation, regeneration and beauty, with healing and rejuvenative plants, Sacred Plants. Every plant contains an entire universe within itself, which is displayed to perfection in our LOVE YOUR AGE products with seven active principles.

You will feel and see the highly efficient toning action of rejuvenative active substances, high light energy and intensive vibrations on your skin, how they activate cell renewal and cause all your cells to pulsate gently. You will experience a sense of power flowing through you and acting on the collagen in your connective tissue, with our Aloe Vera pure organic juice instead of water, and avellana, cranberry, moringa and griffonia simplicifolia. All our LOVE YOUR AGE products supply you with happiness hormones and improve skin density, giving it a fuller appearance.


PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury. Premium natural cosmetics

PHARMOS NATUR is a byword for nature that works. For sustainability, green working methods, ethics, wholeness and spirituality. Happy plants have a special action. 

Do you understand why we call our natural cosmetics Green Luxury? Luxury comes from the Latin word luxus, which originally meant “opulent fertility”. For PHARMOS NATUR, this means the real origin, true wholeness, the absolute potency of plants. 

In this green context, luxury has its own value for us: genuine reverence for nature and Mother Earth. Quite simply, for everything that lives. For nature’s uniqueness, her beauty, her healing power and her vitality. For us she is the expression of the infinite power of creation. 

When we make our Green Luxury Natural Cosmetics, it is important to preserve everything: the comprehensive plant nutrients, the biophotons/light energy and the high vibrations. In this way our natural products can act in all their complexity, on your skin, in your body, and in your entire energy field. 


Produktabbild: gelbes Öl-Serum, Balancing Oil in durchsichtiger Flasche
Eine Scheibe des Aloe Vera Blattes, mit dem durchsichtigen Gel, wird auseinandergezogen

This is what makes the difference: 100% Aloe Vera pure organic juice instead of water. Nature that works

Simply good. Unlike conventional cosmetics, or even other natural cosmetics, we use 100% untreated, nutrient-rich and certified organic Aloe Vera pure organic juice instead of water. It is the base for all our Green Luxury products. With no alcohol, citric acid or parabens as preservatives. 

Our special Aloe Vera from Ecuador penetrates deep into the skin, which can then absorb a unique treasure trove from our holistic healing and rejuvenative plants. Products with a water base do not work in the same way. 

Thanks to Aloe Vera’s viscosity and consistency, the gel with its unique repair complex is completely absorbed by the skin, and what happens then is incredible. The moisture deposits in your skin are filled to the brim. You can feel and see it!

The holistically produced organic juice exhibits properties very similar to those of the cellular fluid in our bodies. This is pure plant potency. Nature that works.

We exclusively use untreated, genuine Aloe Vera gel for our Aloe Vera pure organic juice, with no aloin or anthraquinone derivatives. To be absolutely sure of preserving the quality, we express all the gel by hand, which is a time-consuming process. It is expensive too, but it guarantees the highest quality. The leaf rind and all other components are removed by hand, then the pure gel is expressed. For us, this means it is 100% untreated. 

Produktabbild: Hellgrüne Day Protect Cream und Revitalizing Gel Flaschen neben gelbem Harmonizing Oil

Optimum tolerance. Suitable for all skin types

Our Aloe Vera gel contains over one hundred valuable plant substances, which have a unique effect on the skin, inside and out. Truly pure Aloe Vera gel contains valuable mucopolysaccharides, enzymes, essential amino acids, valuable fatty acids, minerals, trace elements, vitamins, potassium, sodium and vital glyconutrients. Japanese scientists have discovered that they line the “antennae of our cells”, which means they contribute to optimum cell communication. For you, this means beautiful, healthy skin, inside and out. Internal skin is the mucous membranes, the protective layer for all your organs, which is important for your well-being.

When your mucous membranes are healthy, you can absorb nutrients easily. This leaves you feeling vivacious and boosts your well-being, which also shows on the external skin. The special viscosity of our Aloe Vera pure organic juice is particularly important for the mucous membranes. On the outside, the Aloe Vera gel pampers your skin to amazing effect. Well-filled moisture deposits mean beautiful, healthy, radiant skin. At the same time, the gel also works as a “smuggler” for all the other vital Sacred Plant components that our natural products contain. 

We do not isolate individual substances from the plants, because such substances never occur in isolation in nature. Instead, we preserve the entire network with its several hundred vital components, intensive light energy/biophotons and high vibrations.
Everything remains in the synergy intended by nature.  
We produce our high-quality Green Luxury products on this basis. They are also optimally compatible with the widest range of skin problems, evidenced by our years of experience in clinics and our customers’ feedback. Purity for yourself and your skin. This is nature that works.


The certifications for our Lebensgesundmittel and our natural cosmetics give you peace of mind, because they confirm that the minimum standards have been met. However, PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury exceeds these standards by far, by using, for example, Aloe Vera pure organic juice instead of water. 


Our sacred plants in the bottle

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