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grüne Landschaft mit Aloe Vera Pflanzen und Bauern im Feld

Mindful cultivation and processing

Plants know what is good for them and where they can thrive. That is why we cultivate our healing and rejuvenative plants in the world’s most energy-rich places. We have discovered that the light energy in Ecuador, that is, plants’ ability to store light, is many times higher than in other places, such as southern Europe, Africa, Chile or Sri Lanka. By taking measurements in numerous locations, we knew as early as 1987 that cultivation in different climate zones yields different plants. We found the best place for our particularly healthy, potent Aloe Vera plants in the balanced, humid tropical climate of Ecuador. Here the plants are blessed with an incredible treasure trove of active substances, abundant biophotons/light energy and high vibrations. During cultivation, harvesting and processing, we are mindful of cosmic principles and follow nature’s rhythm, just as our Sacred Plants prefer. We discovered this after countless cultivation attempts around the globe and we have learnt something else too: an ancient Mayan planting technique that delivers the most beautiful cultivation results. “We learned from the Mayan farmers that all plants want to grow together in families. We respect this and put it into practice, with great reverence for nature. People and nature belong indivisibly together,” says Margot Esser-Greineder.

Aloe Vera Scheibe mit Gel auseinandergezogen

The energy of our blessed plants

The plants incessantly create a new life in an ever-repeating cycle. We value and revere this greatly. Our healing and rejuvenative plants are blessed in regular rituals. We are grateful for “nature’s bounty” and for her beneficial and healing effect on us, both within the company in Bernried, Germany, and in Ecuador. Before the leaves are cut on site, we channel the spirit of plants and thank it anew every day. We thank Mother Earth for yielding such wonderfully potent and healing plants. In this way the harvesting ritual is concluded with grace.



Gentle processing for our sacred plants

The key to our processing is not to break our healing and rejuvenative plants down into their individual parts or components when processing, but to preserve the entire network of active substances and keep them in communion with each other. Isolating individual substances means a loss of vitality, and the spirit of the plants is lost too. It goes without saying that the equipment required for harvesting and processing is also used considerately, because this way the active substances will survive along with the entire life force of the plant. Nature as we experience it is an expression of the infinite power of creation, to which we humans, as part of nature, are directly connected. That is why it is also important to us to express the inner gel out of our Aloe Vera leaves with care, by hand. This way we can guarantee a 100% unadulterated product of the highest quality, containing versatile effective and vital components that interact and work together. In addition, it also contains no aloin from the leaf rind, meaning we do not need to filter it or take other measures. Expressing by hand also guarantees that the regulating light energy is preserved in the gel.  Holistically processed healing and rejuvenative plants contribute in a special way to connecting our energies with our bodies, souls and spiritual origins. Sacred Plants can create a calming balance and thus elicit a wonderful feeling of well-being.


Aloe Vera Pflanze wird geerntet und das Blatt mit einem Messer abgeschnitten.
Person mit weißen Handschuhen schält Gel aus einem großen Aloe Vera Blatt aus
Eine Aloe Vera Pflanze ist in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung abgebildet

Our partners’ positive energy

Holistic and sustainable also means aware. Every thought that passes through our heads imprints on our energy field, which is then influenced by that information. That is why it is so important that everyone involved in the production and processing procedures puts the power of their thoughts to positive use. To make this successful, we pay fair prices and assist the children to attend school, so our smallholders are motivated and do their work gladly and joyfully. At that moment, our product creation process is drawn in a positive direction. With this information and good energy, they can help us to become more aware. Our bodies and energy fields are strengthened. 

Ein Kleinbauer schneidet im Feld ein Blatt von einer Aloe Vera Pflanze ab


In ecological mixed cultivation – with absolutely no artificial chemicals – our healing and rejuvenative plants flourish in symbiotic exchange with many other plants. They grow on fertile, uncontaminated soils, in an incredible miniature world, where everything living communes with everything else. Animals, bacteria and fungi interact with the right energy and versatile nutrients. That is why we have no need of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our happy, healthy Aloe Vera plants grow up so free and carefree. In communion with papayas, mangos, noni, cocoa and moringa, all the plants obtain from each other the nutrients they need to grow and flourish. Monoculture cultivation sites are very different: every single plant there struggles to obtain enough nutrients, and if it does, other plants do not. If one plant becomes ill with a virus, bacteria or contaminants, the disease will instantly spread to all the others. That is why fertilizers are important in monocultures, and these substances naturally find their way into the plant’s inner gel, meaning it also ends up in any products. Therefore, without question, we grow our Sacred Plants exclusively in balanced climatic zones in ecological mixed cultivation, so they can grow up without stress and develop wonderfully.

Die Ernte der Pflanzen in Ecuador von einem Frau und einer Mann

A fair trade partnership with smallholders

Our healing and rejuvenative plants depend so much on the appropriate site and the right cultivation techniques, but also on the fair, long-term partnership between all the people involved in producing our Green Luxury products. We foster a special close partnership with our smallholders, and we pay them a fair price, allowing them to live on their income, which also means they can send their children to school. They handle our healing and rejuvenative plants with great love, care and mindful harvest rituals as a matter of course. They cultivate happy plants with great skill, knowledge and dexterity. Harvest rituals have a long tradition in ancient cultures. Our smallholders’ belief in the divine power of creation is deeply rooted and they know that this special energy and the high plant potency likewise contribute to the quality. Low pay, exploitation and similar only trigger frustration and in turn, negative energy, which is also absorbed by the plants and transmitted to us. We believe it is axiomatic to foster a close, trusting exchange of ideas with our partners on the ground, so that we can also truly live the holistic concept and put it into practice. 

Our sacred plants in the bottle

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