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Salutogenesis: the human health potential
What makes us healthy? How can we preserve and strengthen the health potential within us? Salutogenesis is the science that studies these questions. It is also the basis for our untreated Lebensgesundmittel. We carefully consider the sort of plants we can use to promote a healthy lifestyle, along with your vitality, vivacity and well-being. 

Plants store light – biophotons – in their cells, and now we can measure how much. Scientists in different disciplines agree that the more light there is in the cell, the more vivacious, vital and youthful the entire organism is.

Every day, we take in a variety of micro-nutrients with a healthy, balanced diet. These nutrients nourish our cells and enable all our organs to accomplish their tasks effectively. 

Our thoughts and feelings, too, play an important role in our health potential. Our thinking, our beliefs, our imagination are all involved in our health. VegetoDynamik will teach you how to change your thoughts and feelings and shape them more positively.



Holistic Food

What makes PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury different?
Verschiedene Lebensgesundmittel ohne und mit gelber Verpackung abgebildet

Plants with body, mind and soul

Our plants have body, mind and soul. They are Sacred Plants. They keep us healthy and kindle our vital spirit and strength, because they grow in ecological mixed cultivation. Every plant thrives in the right climate, on fertile soil in an energy-rich site. We work in a fair partnership with smallholders, who cherish and nurture our plants with great love and attention. This allows the versatile nutrients to develop as well as the intensive light energy biophotons (so important to us!) and high vibrations.  

All of our products are holistic and environmentally friendly. They are produced in Germany, comply with the Food Act and are both vegan and certified organic. 

PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury builds bridges across the world and creates new connections with plants and people.

We work holistically in every respect. We do not break our plants down into their individual parts; rather, we preserve the entire network of many hundreds of nutrients, intensive light energy/biophotons and high vibrations. This combination makes the plant nutrients easy for the body to absorb (good bioavailability) and to transport to the cells. Sometimes miracles do happen.

Traditional knowledge of plants 

We look to the ancient, traditional knowledge of plants in the individual regions of the world to which they are native, and combine this ancient knowledge with insights from modern science. Today the modern science of nature can in many cases confirm and explain centuries of knowledge and experience. 

Thank heaven, plants cannot be patented by individual companies. That is why industry has no great interest in plant products. Products produced in the laboratory are made from isolated, frequently synthetic single substances, which is simpler and above all, less expensive. But they are lacking in vitality, soul and high vibrations. The fertility of the soil with its countless helpers, such as micro-organisms, fungal networks and earthworms, all ensure that plants obtain the necessary nutrients. When all this is available, they can grow healthily and develop their properties and abilities over time.

Die Achiote aufgeschnitten, in der Hand eines Ureinwohners

We provide the truly holistic quality sought after by people like you. Sacred Plants with body, spirit and soul, multiple plant components, intensive light energy/biophotons and high vibrations.

You can rely on PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury. We have been undertaking pioneering work and research for 35 years now, to make our plants available, with all their unique potency, to preserve human health, beauty and well-being. Discover, experience and feel the extraordinary power of very special plants and fruits on your body and soul.
Our Lebensgesundmittel will help to nourish your cells from the inside.  They stimulate and strengthen your vitality and are also good for your soul. 



Beauty comes from within


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