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Intensive care for dry skin



Experience “Nature that works” in its abundant variety. And enjoy shopping with us at your own leisure. Our shop offers unique Green Luxury natural products with a holistic network of active substances, intensive light energy and high vibrations. We do not isolate individual substances, so everything in our exquisite products remains connected to its natural context. This is why our premium natural cosmetics and Lebensgesundmittel have such a special impact on body, mind and soul. Simply try them out for yourself.


Our recommendation

Produkte für Mischhaut auf goldenem Tablett mit Kerzen im Hintergrund

Combination skin

Holistic skin care for dry and oily skin at the same time.


Produkte für normale Haut mit Cleansing Gel, Moisturizing Spray, Moisturizing Cream und Vitalizing Oil

Normal skin

Nourishing care for normal skin.


Produktlinie Sensitive Purifying mit Cleansing Gel, Gentle Peeling, Harmonizing Tonic und Cleansing Cream


Intensive cleansing for all skin types.


Produktlinie Oil Serum mit Vitalizing Oil, Calming & Regenerating Elixir, Nourishing Oil und Balancing Oil


Regenerative care as a serum or vitamin booster.


“We know about nature’s potency and healing power and we do everything to preserve them. This is tangible in our products and treatments.”

Margot Esser, Company Founder


Grüne Mischhaut Produkte mit Kerzen als Dekoration


Facial skincare

Facial skincare is extremely important. But is it possible to care for your skin in the wrong way? Yes, because the order is what matters. Genes are partly responsible for the condition of your complexion, but we can all make our skin more beautiful. Regularity, just like brushing your teeth, is the key word here. And of course, using the right products for your skin type. Find out more here.




Nature of Men Produkte mit Verpackung mit Pool im Hintergrund


Men´s care

Male skin is different, which is why it requires different care. Its circulation is stronger, its cell activity is higher. The skin metabolism is more intensive. Daily environmental influences cause the skin to dehydrate quickly and become sensitive. Male skin also has a higher energy requirement, which is why the correct care products are so important. Find out all you need to know in this guide.




Sun Harmony Produktlinie mit Blättern im Hintergrund


Sun care

Sunlight is the elixir of life! But we all know that too much sun is not good either for us or for our skin. The consequences can be sunburn, premature skin ageing, loss of moisture or sunstroke. The secret is to be in harmony with the sun so that you and your skin are always well protected. Read more in the following guide.





  • Appreciation of Mother Nature
  • Observance of cosmic rhythms
  • Cultivation in mixed culture
  • Fair cooperation with small farmers
  • Ecosocial commitment
  • Beauty from inside and outside
  • Certified natural cosmetics and holisitc food
  • Holistic active ingredient networks
  • EMAS certified sustainability
  • 100% nature that works
Gruppenfoto unserer Akademieleitung mit Schulkindern in Nepal

Did you know that PHARMOS NATUR is committed to social projects?


A matter of the heart for us: Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V. Together with friends we founded the humanitarian aid organization. Soon, Schülerhilfe Nepal e.V. has financed and built ten schools - mainly in remote areas of Nepal. Among other things, the focus is on supporting girls, who are severely disadvantaged in society. Education is simply the key to a good, indeed a much better future. 

Siegelleiste mit acht Siegeln der Pharmos Natur Produkte