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Produktlinie Facial Care  mit Moisturizing Cream, Balancing Cream, Care Balm, Nourishing Rose Cream

Our effects

You and your cells will always remember genuine nature that works. The highest-quality Green Luxury made from healing and rejuvenative plants, grown in ecological mixed cultivation, in the most energy-rich potent places on earth. Premium natural products with a whole network of active substances, intensive light energy and high vibrations.

Green Luxury. Nature that works

Beautiful skin, good health and profound happiness. Experience this feeling, inside and out, by using our Green Luxury natural products. We do everything to preserve the entire network of our Sacred Plants, because this synergy runs naturally and wonderfully. That is why we do not isolate any individual active substances, but leave everything as nature planned. We do not add any water to our products and we avoid alcohol as a preservative. 100% Aloe Vera pure organic juice instead of water forms the basis of all our products. Care for yourself and experience deep joy!
3 grüne Flaschen Care Balm, Harmonizing Tonic und Cleansing Cream mit rotem Öl Serum Calming & Regenerating Elixir

What makes our Aloe Vera so special?

Energy-rich light and cool shade. For four to five years, a wonderful place in Ecuador gives our special Aloe Vera a real home in ecological mixed cultivation. Vital energy and essential power grow with the plants. Our smallholders lovingly harvest every single leaf by hand, pressing the luxuriant gel carefully out of the heart of the dark-green leaves. In this way, the plant gel remains stable, because its unity is wholly preserved. Be blessed with an incredible treasure-trove of active substances, plenty of light energy – biophotons – and high vibrations. In all Green Luxury natural products. For tangible potency and abundant vitality.
Landschaft Mischkultur mit Aloe Vera pflanzen und Pferden
Anbau Aloe Vera Pflanzen in Monokultur auf dunklem Boden

Mixed cultivation

Attended with the greatest loving care, ecologically, with no artificial chemicals. All Sacred Plants are grown in the places that suit them best. In a mixed cultivation, they develop a high density of active substances and enormous resilience. Our healing and rejuvenative plants live and interact symbiotically with other plants, and they thrive in fertile, uncontaminated soils, in an incredible miniature world, where everything lives and communicates with everything else. Animals, bacteria and fungi work in synergy together with the right energy and a great variety of nutrients. Our happy, healthy Aloe Vera plants grow both free and carefree.



Cultivation areas that use monocultures look very different. Every single plant needs to fight for its own nutrients, always to the detriment of other plants. If one plant sickens with viruses, bacteria or other harmful substances, the illness is transmitted to the other plants. The soil in monocultures is not fully fertile, so fertilisers must be used. These agricultural poisons spread themselves comprehensively everywhere. They contaminate the gel and consequently also find their way into the products.


Produktlinie LYA mit Power Cream, Décolleté & Body Cream, Eye Contour Cream, Repair Balm und Avellana Oil Seurm

Beautiful and happy

Skin and inner life are closely interconnected. “To feel good in your own skin” also means to be beautiful. To keep you that way, our Green Luxury care strengthens, protects and boosts the regeneration processes in your skin and your body. Sustainably and for the long term, from inside and out. You will find a new balance, and a new radiance. We call it nature that works.
The uniqueness and beauty of nature, her vitality, her potency and her creative strength: this is what “green” means to us. “Luxury” is being able to use this natural abundance. We create the experience of this perfection in our products and treatments, just for you.

Healthy and happy

How can we strengthen and preserve the health potential in us? Where does health come from? These are the questions asked by the science of salutogenesis, and they are also the basis for our untreated Green Luxury Lebensgesundmittel. We have put detailed thought into which plants we can use for a healthy lifestyle, for your vitality, vivacity and well-being. Today we can measure the light – called biophotons – that plants store in their cells. Scientists of various disciplines believe that the higher the light content of the cells, the more vital, vivacious and youthful the entire organism. We use this knowledge for you in Holistic Food, our Lebensgesundmittel.
Produktlinie Empower yourself mit YaconVera, JujubeVera, Sesamkraft, MoringaVera und YaconVera

“We preserve the entire network of active substances in our healing and rejuvenative plants, Sacred Plants, with their hundreds of natural building blocks, as nature intended. At the same time, we preserve their light energy – biophotons – and their natural vibrations. We do not isolate individual substances. Everything is retained in a naturally predefined synergy.”

Margot Esser

Frau liegt während einer Behandlung entspannt auf dem Rücken und wird an den Schultern leicht angehoben

Relaxed and happy

Experience very special “Nature that works” in our treatments. This is a highly individual type of mindful touch, attuned directly to you. Our Aloe Vera leaf is a genuine highlight. You will feel the fresh vitality in all your cells, on your skin, in your body and your whole being; the sustainable action of Sacred Plants with visible and tangible results. For your beauty, your health and your joie de vivre.
Indulge yourself with the time to regenerate, slow down and recharge with new energy. Enjoy the treatment with extraordinary natural products and fresh Aloe Vera leaves. Because plants can work absolute wonders.


VegetoDynamik® is a unique treatment method. You will be perceived as a whole, unique being. With mindful touch, healing words and conscious breathing, your VegetoDynamik® therapist will accompany you on a journey to your own inner source of strength. You will sense and discover your true essence, what and who you really are. This is much more than just your body. And this is precisely what you experience in every VegetoDynamik® treatment. Vital energy, awakened deep within you, starts to flow. Head, heart and body merge into a new unity. Solutions for all forthcoming issues can be found.
Behandlung einer Frau mir der Vegeto Methode

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts Aristotle

Sustainability functions only with wholeness: they are two sides of the same coin. We live this insight with the greatest of conviction, and we take responsibility for everything we think and do – in our interactions with each other, in the sustainable cultivation of our healing and rejuvenative plants, in the mindful harvesting of raw materials right up to the final Green Luxury natural product. This means high quality with genuine active substances, sustainable protection for species diversity and biodiversity, so that people, nature and Mother Earth can flourish.