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Pharmos Natur Produkte für den Hauttyp trockene Haut mit dunklem Hintergrund

Green Luxury. Nature that works.

Nature that works. A sensation of joy in every cell. Do you know how it is when your entire body, your spirit and soul are flooded with bliss, leaving you feeling so in-tensely alive? Walk with us on this joyful journey and we will show you how it works. How nature can give you new balance when you perceive it from a holistic perspec-tive. All our Green Luxury products and our sustainably sensuous treatments have a valuable foundation in authentic nature.
Did you know that using our products can boost the energy power of your thoughts and feelings as well as regenerating your skin? This means self-care, being joyful and experiencing happiness.
We do everything to preserve the complex networks within Sacred Plants, interac-tions that function wonderfully. We do not isolate any individual substances, we do not add water to our natural products and we avoid alcohol as a preservative.
The key to processing is not breaking the plants down into their individual sub-stances or parts, but allowing the entire network of active substances to remain in communion together. Isolating individual substances leads, in our experience, to a loss of vitality, and the spirit of the plants is lost too. Because plants are living be-ings, the expression of evolution, and they contain all this knowledge within them-selves.
We make authentic natural products from healing and rejuvenative plants, grown in ecological mixed cultivation, with a comprehensive network of active substances. The intensive light energy/biophotons absorbed by the plants also flows into our products, via PHARMOS NATUR’s particularly gentle process.
Our smallholders are highly motivated because our partnerships with them work so well. This positive energy, on a special vibration level, is also contained in our Green Luxury natural products. Everything is in communion with everything else and this never changes. This is nature that works.

PharmosNatur Pyramide: 100% Natur-Wirkstoffe im Vergleich zu klassischer und anderer Naturkosmetik

Authentic natural products. No preservatives, no pesticides, no artificial chemicals.

Our heartfelt desire is always to raise awareness of how authentic nature must be to act on the deepest level. To feel, experience and see the effect of true nature. The highest quality standards are of utmost importance to us, in our own interests, and in yours too.

Our starring plants, special Aloe Vera from the humid tropics of Ecuador and black sesame seeds from Bolivia, are certified organic by LACON under food legislation. Our cosmetic products are certified by NCS and EcoControl under the Natural Cosmetics Regulation. All our products are free from hormone-like substances, PEGs, nanoparticles and microplastics. Additionally, PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury does not use alcohol, citric acid, parabens or phenoxyethanol as preservatives.

Instead, we use organic pentylene glycol, refined from sugar beet, which retains moisture in the skin. When combined with our Aloe Vera, it also acts as a preservative.

Verzierte Schale mit schwarzen Sesamkörnern
gelbes Harmonizing Oil Produktbild
Sesamkraft dunkler Behälter Produktbild

Active substances, light energy, spirituality

We do not experience plants only on the material level of their active substances, but also on their spiritual and energy levels, and this awareness sustains us. Sacred Plants, for us, are living beings, with body, spirit and soul. We do everything to preserve this unity in its entirety. 

Our plants accumulate a great deal of light energy and are harvested in light of the phases of the moon, in harmony with cosmic rhythms. The plants’ elemental power and energy are preserved so they can strengthen your body, your spirit and your soul.

We all need abundant light to be alive at all, and plants are no different. “Light means life. Plants, animals and people, we all absorb light and store it,” as biophysicist Professor Fritz Albert Popp has proved over many years of research. This can even be measured: both human and plant cells glow with light. 

We use this valuable knowledge, that even plant cells store and emit light, when cultivating and harvesting, and when making our products. We carefully preserve the network of active substances, the high vibrations and the biophotons/light energy in our healthy plants, for example, in the inner gel of our special organic Aloe Vera fresh leaves. As nature intended, we preserve all these connections holistically, and do not isolate the individual substances. You can sense, feel and experience this in all our products and treatments, which are as alive as the plants themselves. Your cells, your entire body, will be flooded with youthful strength.

The awareness that everything is connected and that everything affects and interreacts with everything else opens the door to a spiritual level. A great human longing comes to fruition. Sacred Plants help you to reconnect with the power of creation, in an entirely natural way. Conscious awareness of this universal unity is the basis of our Green Luxury philosophy. For beauty, health and joie de vivre. 


Aloe Vera Scheiben aufgeschnitten und aufgestellt mit viel Licht

Sacred Plants from original cultivation areas and protecting their habitats

We love nature, and we sense it too. That is why we wish to preserve her precious treasures, from the bottom of our hearts. We live with and in nature, in our work and in our daily lives, and this is why protecting the environment and natural habitats is firmly enshrined in our corporate philosophy. Since the company was founded, more than 30 years ago, we have campaigned for a responsible approach to all natural resources. We live and work to preserve biodiversity and to protect people and nature in this way.   


Zwei Kleinbauern schieben, in einem Aloe Vera Feld, Kisten, im Hintergrund ist Wald


Our different certifications offer you sustainable added value. They are the official guarantee of compliance with the prescribed standards, although our own requirements are far more demanding. 

For example, we use untreated Aloe Vera pure organic juice instead of water.


Ein Moringa Baum im Wald

A unique effect on the world/the environment

We make natural products that are good for people, nature, the environment, and for our health and beauty. What we take from nature we must also replace. When everything is in equilibrium, we can live together peacefully on our planet. 

Protecting biodiversity by mindful cultivation 

Today biodiversity is an issue that we see everywhere. It is the basis of our very existence and we are all a part of it. For us, protecting and sustainably using genetic diversity has been our underlying principle since the company was founded, and is the basis for making qualitatively high-value products that are good for all of us. Our values and content go hand in hand with protecting the ecosystem. Raw materials, plant growth, water, air, energy – we use all of these “services of nature”. Learn more about protecting habitats and Sacred Plants 

Im Vordergrund sind Kakteen und Aloe Vera Pflanzen und mittig im Hintergrund ein großer Baum

Price transparency. Our prices tell the whole truth. Economical, ecological, social. 

Our product prices tell the whole truth about the entire value chain. They show the true value of our products from the environmental, economic and social perspective. This is also a part of our holistic, sustainable approach. We want to maintain an equilibrium between giving and taking, to establish ourselves as fit for the future, ecologically and economically, and to pay attention to social justice.

Everyone who is involved in making our products should be treated fairly and equitably, and they must be able to live on their income, and send their children to school. This is true for all of our partnerships around the world.

Acting in a sustainable, ecological manner means, for us, always paying attention to protecting the environment and natural resources. From an economic perspective, we must practice good husbandry. We also need to make a profit, so we can reinvest it in developing the company’s purpose in all areas. For us, people and nature take centre stage. 

Frau erntet mit ihrem Kind die Achiote vom Baum
Eine große Aloe Vera Pflanze, sonnig in der Landschaft

My personal recommendation

"For combination skin care, I recommend using the CLEANSING GEL. It cleanses deeply and refreshes. Then use our MOISTURIZING SPRAY and then the BALANCING CREAM."


Cathrin Lorenscheit, training manager and vegetodynamics specialist


63 ml


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100 ml


€450.00 pro 1 l
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50 ml


€1,770.00 pro 1 l
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