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All our star plants are certified organic. Our cosmetic products are certified under the Natural Cosmetics Regulation by NCS and EcoControl. All our products are free from hormone-like substances, PEGs, nanoparticles and microplastics. In addition, PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury does not use alcohol, citric acid, parabens or phenoxyethanol as preservatives. 
We demonstrate how sustainability works at PHARMOS NATUR with the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme.
Siegelleiste mit acht Siegeln der Pharmos Natur Produkte

EMAS – the European Union’s eco-management quality seal

We love the magnificence of nature, and that is why our greatest desire is to protect her precious treasures. We live with and through her, both in our work and our everyday lives. So protecting the environment is fundamentally enshrined in our corporate philosophy, quite naturally. 
Since the company’s inception over 35 years ago, we have campaigned for a responsible approach to all natural resources. We live and work to preserve biodiversity and, in this way, to protect people and nature. 
With EMAS’s comprehensive eco-certification, we document how PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury ensures sustainability across the board. In this environmental report, we illustrate how we blend ancient knowledge with state-of-the-art scientific concepts when we make our products. And how PHARMOS NATUR’s processes, from our environmentally friendly packaging design, our reduced energy use, converting our fleet of vehicles to electric through to lowering our CO2 emissions, have all been successful.
EMAS provides us with exactly the support we need to keep on developing further, optimizing and, at the same time, always asking ourselves the question: what protects nature and thus preserves the basis of our existence?

All PHARMOS NATUR products have been EcoControl certified ( since the very beginning. EcoControl is an inspection and certification body for ecological products and quality assurance systems in the non-food sector. EcoControl operates worldwide and works with a large network of partners, so that maximum competence and geographic availability are reliably combined.

Our star plants are all food-standard certified. This is a very demanding quality requirement that is re-documented every year by the testing institute LACON GmbH.
This food-grade certification enables us to prove our expertise, document it and so offer you, the customer, a high degree of reliability and product safety. The certification is neutral and independent of any commercial influence.

NCS natural cosmetics standard for humans, animals and the environment
PHARMOS NATUR has been working with the NCS natural cosmetics standard for humans, animals and the environment since 2017, as the criteria for this certification are significantly more stringent than the requirements for similar quality seals. The seal is awarded by GfaW (Gesellschaft für angewandte Wirtschaftsethik UG; Society for Applied Business Ethics) and is co-developed by numerous independent testing bodies. Substances of concern are categorically excluded, as are both animal testing and genetic engineering.

The vegan flower is our guarantee that the product is 100% vegan, meaning it contains no animal substances. Moreover, this seal is a safeguard that we do not undertake any animal testing ourselves, nor do we commission any, not for the finished product or for any of the raw materials we use.

No animal testing
The seal, showing a rabbit caressed by a protective hand, is unequivocal: no animal testing!
This reliable seal was developed by the Deutsche Tierschutzbund (German Animal Welfare Federation) in partnership with the Internationaler Herstellerverband für tierschutzgeprüfte Naturkosmetik, Kosmetik und Naturwaren e.V. (International Manufacturers’ Association against Animal Testing in Cosmetics). The standards far exceed what is stipulated by the law.

Our Lebensgesundmittel do not contain gluten. Coeliac disease sufferers are in safe hands with the emblem of the crossed-out ear of wheat, which means that the products are reliably gluten-free. At the same time, this symbol guarantees genuine high quality; any companies using it are required to meet high product standards. This is very important to us.

Our sacred plants in the bottle

Nourishing Rose Cream

50 ml


€150.00 pro 100 ml
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Power Cream

50 ml


€318.00 pro 100 ml
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Care Balm

50 ml


€136.00 pro 100 ml
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