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St John’s wort

Nourish your skin and soul with light
Real St John’s wort – Hypericum perforatum
Our St John’s wort grows wild in natural, sun-drenched meadows in Austria, and is gathered carefully by hand. This is how we ensure that the precious St John’s wort flowers retain their full potency. We see harvesting by hand as respect for nature.
Real St John’s wort is a herbaceous plant and can grow as tall as one metre. Native to Europe, it is now also cultivated in Asia, north Africa and Australia. It grows best at medium altitudes, at the edge of forests or near bushes, and in natural meadows. The plant’s star-shaped, golden-yellow flowers contain the precious reddish colouring hypericin (St John’s blood). Crush the flowers between your fingers and red juice will leak out. St John’s wort is traditionally harvested at the summer solstice in mid-June, because it is in full bloom at this time.
Nahaufnahme gelbe Blumen
Johanniskraut gelbe Blumen mit grünem Hintergrund
gelbe Blume mit Sonneneinstrahlung und Himmel im Hintergrund

Oil extraction
We macerate freshly-harvested St John’s wort flowers in our precious black sesame seed oil. When exposed to sunlight, the yellow flowers turn the deepest red, giving the precious macerate its typical colour.

Traditionally this yellow herb is used to relieve stress and tension. It contains hyperforin, which ensures the distribution of neurotransmitters that soothe the vegetative nervous system and help the body and mind to relax. As a result, emotional anxiety and depressive moods fade away. The oil from the flowers has a harmonising effect on the entire musculoskeletal system and eases muscular stiffness and tension headaches. It is used in naturopathic therapy to alleviate migraine attacks. St John’s wort has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make it suitable for external use, to disinfect wounds and injuries. It also relieves the itching of eczema and psoriasis and has been very successful in the treatment of neurodermatitis. Furthermore, the oil has a strong, regenerative effect on sunburn and other types of burn. We combine it with other plants to make our highly efficacious After Sun Serum.


Traditional use
In Europe, the summer solstice and the feast of St John are traditionally celebrated in mid-June. The birth of St John the Baptist is commemorated on the longest day of the year. Old customs include dancing around a bonfire and gathering important medicinal herbs such as St John’s wort; this is often done in groups. Folk wisdom holds that wild herbs grow with particular potency and many healing powers around midsummer. This makes sense: in mid-June, the sun’s position above European latitudes gives us long days with strong sunlight. At this time, all plants and flowers absorb large quantities of cosmic light energy and store the sun’s heat. No wonder, then, that ancient lore describes the bright red St John's wort oil as “bottled sunlight”. It has been used as an effective treatment for depression and listlessness since antiquity, and today it is known primarily as an anti-stress serum. The red oil relaxes the nervous system, fills the soul with warmth and serenity and relieves tension in the muscles. We sleep better and gain new energy. That is the power of pure sunlight!   

PHARMOS NATUR & St John’s wort

Our ANTI-STRESS SERUM combines the potency of St John’s wort with other exquisite natural oils as only PHARMOS NATUR can. It fills your body with light and conjures up a silky sheen on your skin. It soothes the senses and relaxes the mind, helping you to keep your cool in stressful moments. 
Complex antioxidants stave off the free radicals resulting from increased stress. Premature ageing is halted. The precious oil of hand-picked black sesame seeds contains all essential amino acids, as well as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and E-vitamins, endowing your skin with new resilience and elasticity. The delicate fragrance of Rosa Bourbonia surrounds you, making you feel harmonious and happy. The high light energy of Citrus Paradisi grapefruit boosts self-love and refreshes the entire being. Frankincense bestows security and internal stability. Styrax tonkinensis and ylang ylang restore your sensuality and boost self-confidence. The quartet of Himalayan cedar, lemongrass, ginger and Eucalyptus Citirodora acts to balance energy and harmonise the organs. Our special camellia seed oil smooths the surface of the skin and allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeply, which is exactly where their effect is needed.
Experience the joy and peace of pure nature and treat yourself to a relaxing ANTI-STRESS treatment with your PHARMOS NATUR Beauty Therapist.

30 ml


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