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Zwei Bauern im Aloe Vera Pflanzen Feld

Our approach

Ecological, holistic, sustainable, ethical, spiritual, fair. Our company philosophy runs deep, and for us that means: being at one with nature, through her strengthening energy, her healing power, her holistic network of active substances, her intensive light energy and her high vibrations. As Margot Esser says: “There are things in heaven and earth that we cannot see or measure, but we can definitely sense them. That is when we talk about energy, vibrations or spirituality.” This is a time of shifting consciousness.

Margot Esser. The founder of PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury

A far-reaching experience, an accident with consequences, turned Margot Esser-Greineder’s life completely upside down. Special plants brought healing. And she knew, if these plants possess incredible regenerative powers, then she wanted to share this with as many people as possible, so that they too could feel the potency themselves. Margot Esser made a life-changing decision and founded her own company, PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury. Her aim: to develop natural cosmetics of the highest quality. Ecological and holistic, as nature shows us in her all-encompassing beauty. 


Respect and balance for Mother Earth

We love Mother Earth exactly as she is. She gives us everything we need from her incalculable riches. If we make use of her gifts, we should do so with great respect, for the sake of future generations, so that everyone can live well. Plants – our Sacred Plants – are the expression of creative energy. They are living beings with body, spirit and soul in natural unity, and only in this unity can they act to benefit and regenerate human bodies, spirits and souls, from inside and out.


Protecting nature and the environment is fundamentally enshrined in our company philosophy, quite naturally – our certifications speak for themselves. Organically certified star plants form the basis of our cosmetic products, which are protected under the Natural Cosmetics Regulation by NCS and EcoControl. They do not contain any hormone-like substances, PEGs, nanoparticles or microplastics. PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury also refuses to add alcohol, citric acid, parabens and phenoxyethanol as preservatives. We demonstrate how sustainability works at PHARMOS NATUR with the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme.
EMAS – the European Union’s eco-management quality seal 
Our comprehensive EMAS environmental certification testifies to how we at PHARMOS NATUR put sustainability into practice in all areas. 
NCS natural cosmetics standard for humans, animals and the environment 
The seal is issued by GfaW – the Society of Applied Ethics in Business. Substances of concern, animal experiments and genetic engineering are categorically excluded. 

People, Nature and Earth in balance

Planet Earth is a living organism, just like ourselves. If we take something away, a vacuum is created, as in the human organism. Both our bodies and our planet are losing balance, which is why it is increasingly important to ask ourselves these questions: how do we fill the vacuum and heal these wounds? How do we protect Mother Earth with everything she gives us? Sacred Plants are the expression of creative power, living beings with body, spirit and soul in natural unity, like us. And only in this unity can they act to benefit and regenerate human bodies, spirits and souls, from inside and out.

Social engagement

We feel globally connected with our smallholders, with whom we have worked in secure partnerships over many years. We regularly exchange news and information, respond quickly to changes and evolve together. We are active on the ground, for example in Ecuador, where we work with the charity Ecuador-Hilfe in a partnership agreement to plough part of the profits from our Aloe Vera cultivation into job creation, healthcare, childcare, but above all educational initiatives and schools. We do the same in Nepal with Schülerhilfe in Nepal e.V. Promoting desperately needed education for rural children in one of the world’s poorest countries is very close to our hearts.
Mutter mit zwei Kindern in altem Stein Haus Einheimische


A special founding personality always stands at the inception of an extraordinary company. Margot Esser-Greineder is such a personality.
A committed pioneer and nature researcher with a passionate relationship with healing and rejuvenative plants, Sacred Plants, from the beginning up until today. Both our thinking and our actions are based on spirituality and energy, in everything that we do. The sacred and the whole in our select healing and rejuvenative plants is preserved, because they are Sacred Plants. Everyone in the company responds to all living beings, plants and people, with this basic attitude. This is woven through the company’s entire history.
Produktlinie Sensitive Purifying auf Steinplatten


EMAS means comprehensive environmental certification: how PHARMOS NATUR puts sustainability into practice. Relaunch of PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury natural cosmetics. An energetic, holistic design, hand-painted ZEN decoration, all products in ecological packaging, climate-neutral production.




30 years of PHARMOS NATUR. Move from Uffing on Lake Staffel to Bernried on Lake Starnberg, into a new, beautiful company building.

Das Pharmos Natur Firmengebäude in Bernried mit braun grünen Farben und blauem Himmel
Gründerin Margot Esser neben Einheimischen aus Ecuador mit Gesichtsbemalung


Joins the “Biodiversity in Good Company” initiative. Visit to our Aloe Vera and Babaco smallholders in Ecuador, with customers. Awarded the SPA DIAMOND for a unique overall concept based on our Sacred Plants.


Margot Esser wins the peace prize for “Humanity and ecological enterprise” from the “World Association of Private Schools and Universities for Complementary Healing Practices” in Graz, Austria.

Die Gründerin Margot Esser Portrait in orangenem Sakko mit grünem Hintergrund