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Be in harmony with the sun, our elixir of life. Recharge with light energy and vitality. Enjoy the positive sides of the sun and at the same time effectively protect yourself, naturally. An idea that obsesses company founder Margot Esser-Greineder, and that inspires her to great things. That is why she enthusiastically developed the sun range SUN HARMONY, with great love and infinite patience: Q FOOD (edible sun protection), TANNING OIL and PROTECT CREAM. It is unique sun protection. 100% natural. With no chemical sunscreens. What does that mean? NO nanoparticles, hormone-like substances, parabens or phenoxyethanol, alcohol or citric acid as preservatives.

Sun Harmony Tanning Oil

60 ml


€157.50 pro 100 ml
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Sun Harmony Bio Q Food

50 g


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Searching for special plants

Margot Esser’s enquiring mind led her to the Ecuadorian Amazon. There she learned of the unbelievable power of annatto from the indigenous people. As she crossed the primeval forest by boat and on foot, she experienced on her own body the wonderful and unique sun protection of these red seeds that stained her skin red. And yet another wonderful thing happened – her soul was deeply touched by this extraordinary plant potency too.


Spotlight on annatto

Margot Esser thoroughly transformed her incredible experience of perfect sun protection with annatto – with no red skin stains – into the modern, topical sun protection range SUN HARMONY, which also cares for your skin.
Energetic procedures are used to carefully process the select healing and rejuvenative plants in harmony with cosmic rhythms. Special rituals preserve and boost their high frequency (vibrations).

Our healing and rejuvenative plants have body, spirit and soul that act holistically on your body, spirit and soul. They protect your skin and your entire organism, quite naturally, from damaging sun radiation. Free radicals are neutralised and the skin’s resistance to radiation is increased. And your skin is intensively cared for, balanced, and pampered with comprehensive nutrients. Sensitive skin will rejoice.

Triply unique

Our Sacred Plants, their ingredients and fine energy, carefully unleash their special effects with tangible gentleness in our three SUN HARMONY products – Q Food, our edible sun protection, Tanning Oil and Protect Cream SPF 30. They complement each other and boost each other’s power.

Did you know that red annatto seeds from the Ecuadorian rainforest harmonise beautifully with special Aloe Vera, avellana, sea buckthorn, rosehips, magnolia, walnut oil, carancha oil and black sesame seed oil? This unique sun protection is something you just have to experience for yourself!

My personal recommendation

“Use our PROTECT CREAM several times while in the sun for safe sun protection. The TANNING OIL is excellent if your skin is already a little tanned and you are not sensitive to the sun. It will give your skin that special, bronzed glow.”

Heike Biermann, trainer and VegetoDynamik® therapist

Sun Harmony Tanning Oil

60 ml


€157.50 pro 100 ml
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“The sun is the miracle of light. Flowers open. People awaken. The world is bathed in light and energy.”

Margot Esser, Company Founder

After Sun Care

Besides being a pleasure, spending time in the sun also means stress for our skin. Your skin craves regeneration, so nourish it after sunbathing with our Green Luxury natural cosmetics. 100% organic Aloe Vera pure organic juice instead of water in combination with select healing and rejuvenative plants. For an extra portion of moisture and deep regeneration.

Moisturizing Spray

100 ml


€37.50 pro 100 ml
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Body Lotion

200 ml


€29.50 pro 100 ml
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Moisturizing Cream

50 ml


€136.00 pro 100 ml
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Q FOOD – edible sun protection

Q FOOD is a holistic foodstuff. 100% pure, with no additives. Carefully dried and gently processed whole fruits, berries, seeds and leaves with high light energy and a unique spectrum of nutrients join forces to create powerful antioxidants. Q FOOD also boosts biophoton light in the cells, which protects against sun radiation from the inside. Our intelligent plants strengthen the body, activate the immune system and fight off free radicals. Melanin production is stimulated from the inside, so a tan develops. And the body begins to produce its own natural sunscreen.

How to use

Treat yourself to one teaspoon (2.5 g) of SUN HARMONY Q FOOD edible sunscreen every morning. Chew the neat Q-FOOD slowly.

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