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The Miracle of Biophotons

Biophotons are the light quanta for our cells and ensure vitality, regeneration and rejuvenation. We demonstrably preserve the biophotons in our sacred plants. They activate the versatile plant active ingredients and ensure the unique effect in all our products. This is how the BiophotonactiveE® complex is created.

Love your Age

Pure plant power and 7 active principles for deep regeneration and rejuvenation

Essential Care

Sacred plants for comprehensive protection, intensive care and plenty of moisture

Oil Serum

With the nourishing power of black sesame seeds and highly effective antioxidants

Nature of Men

Fast and perfectly effective. Uncomplicated to use

Inner cleaning

Feel liberated. Recharge your batteries. Feel more zest for life. Boost your metabolism. Free Yourself.

Aloe Vera Organic Juice

Pure life energy from sacred plants. Full of biophotons with over 100 life building blocks in the compound. Enlighten Yourself.

Energy & Strength

Made from unique plant nutrients. For the daily nourishment of your cells.. Empower Yourself.

Protection & regeneration

The combination of traditional knowledge with new scientific findings. Take Care of Yourself. 

The Story of Pharmos Natur

Margot Esser suffered an accident with severe burns to her face and upper body while travelling in the south of the USA in the early 1980s. It was in a naturopathic clinic that she first learnt about the healing effects of aloe vera in combination with other medicinal plants. That was the turning point in her life. Together with her team, she has now been researching, developing, living and loving the vision of PHARMOS NATUR for more than 35 years.

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Repair Balm
Skin-Firming Repair Balm with Organic Aloe Vera & Hyaluronic Acid

50 ml


€2,230.00 pro 1 l
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Balancing Cream
a regenerative couperose cream made from organic Aloe Vera, shea butter and jojoba oil

50 ml


€1,640.00 pro 1 l
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Nourishing Oil
a harmonising rose oil made from black sesame seeds and rose petals

30 ml


€1,733.30 pro 1 l
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Aloe Vera Organic Juice
100% pure gel of the fresh plant leaf - powered by BiophtonactivE® Complex

0.75 l


€81.33 pro 1 l
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Achtsamer Anbau und Verarbeitung

sacred plants

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What we stand for
  • 100 % organic aloe vera juice instead of water 
  • Unique effect and compatibility 
  • Careful cultivation in organic mixed cultivation 
  • fair cooperation with small farmers 
  • proprietary manufacturing process to preserve the biophotons - BiophotonactivE® complex 
  • holistic active ingredient networks 
  • eco-social commitment 
  • sustainability in practice 
  • Natural cosmetics & organic certification
What we do without
  • no addition of water in our cosmetics 
  • no addition of alcohol, citric acid and parabens as preservatives 
  • free from PEGs 
  • without nanoparticles 
  • no microplastics 
  • no genetic modifications 
  • no isolated individual ingredients 
  • no animal testing

Nature that works.

An important discovery: the BiophotonactivE® complex. The phenomenon of biophotons has preoccupied us since 1996, as it relates to light in the cells of humans and plants. In biophysics, these so-called light quanta are now regarded as the key to functioning cell communication. They are an important organising force and ensure vitality, regeneration and rejuvenation.

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How Pharmos Natur strengthens, preserves and protects the environment

We have been focussing on sustainability since the company was founded. As an ecologically and sustainably orientated company, we know that sustainability only works in conjunction with a holistic approach. This means always looking at the big picture.
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Known from

Green Luxury Treatments

Our unique treatments stand for deep quality of touch. The highlight of every treatment is the application of The Sacred Plant - our special aloe vera fresh plant leaf.

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