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ORGANIC SesamKraft


The skin becomes firmer and more toned.
  • high-grade plant protein – gluten-free and lactose-free
  • the ideal alternative to all dairy products
  • with intensive light energy (biophotons) and high vibrations
  • for beautiful, healthy skin
  • for strong fingernails and thick, glossy hair,
  • for steady nerves
  • for strong bones and elastic muscles
  • 100% vegan, certified organic
  • the seeds are gently macerated and the oil is extracted in Germany
  • this means rapid bioavailability
  • grown in ecological, sustainable mixed cultivation
  • no additives, no preservatives
  • fair and socially responsible treatment of smallholders and their families in Bolivia


250 g (€16.80* / 100 g)

Available, delivery time 3-4 days

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Open, Sesame! Even today, this magical formula for opening treasure chambers is associated with wealth and abundance. And rightly so, because black sesame seeds contain a truly precious treasure. Daily care for your cells with vital nutrients and plenty of biophotons (light energy).

Smallholders in southern Bolivia and India plant black sesame for us, in mindful manual work that is very demanding. This is important as it helps to preserve the full vitality of the sacred plants.

We use a particularly gentle process to macerate the black sesame seeds in Germany. This preserves nutrient bioavailability, so nutrients can be rapidly absorbed by the body and processed by the cells.


Nothing is added. Nature supplies everything in consummate perfection, and in this way gives you a bountiful nutrient feast. For every day.



SESAMKRAFT® supports a balanced diet, keeps you healthy and beautiful and imbues you with an intense feeling of well-being, because SESAMKRAFT® supplies high-grade plant protein, gluten-free, lactose-free and histamine-free. It contains calcium and magnesium in the right proportions, and has significantly more than either milk or yoghurt. In addition, SESAMKRAFT® contains zinc, iron, phosphorus, B-vitamins and all essential amino acids, especially sulphur-containing amino acids. “They are absolutely fundamental for healthy, beautiful skin,” says Professor Kaiser, former director of the University Dermatology Clinic in Bonn.



When our black sesame is grown naturally, in the right potent spot, all ingredients can develop uniquely within it. The complex nutrients are interlinked in a versatile network, woven together entirely naturally. And best of all, black sesame seeds are able to store a very great deal of light (biophotons). They also have high vibrations. This is important because the plant vibrations can boost the body’s own vibrations.


Good to know Cultivation and harvesting are decisive for the quality of our black sesame seeds. In the south of Bolivia’s Amazon region, 50 smallholders were able to build a new existence thanks to our partnership. They cultivate their fields with no artificial chemicals, and so are consistently ecological and, above all, sustainable for the long term. This means a fair and sustainable supply chain for everyone, from the field to the finished end product. 

Sesam öffne Dich!

Optimale Anbau- und Wachstumsbedingungen



Calcium and magnesium help to maintain bones and teeth. They support normal muscle function and enable a seamless transfer of signals between the nerve cells, so that your nervous system is steady and can function normally. Your psyche will find equilibrium. Additionally, calcium is involved in cell division and in somatic cell specialisation. Phosphorus contributes to normally functioning cell membranes. The metabolism of natural energy is boosted, as is the body’s digestive enzyme function. Iron plays a part in the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin. Oxygen transport in the body can adapt. Iron also contributes to a properly functioning immune system, and equally to reduced fatigue.

 SESAMKRAFT® is also a valuable base donor. And, naturally, it is completely free of preservatives and food additives. 

Ernte der wertvollen schwarzen Sesam Ursamen in Handarbeit

Schwarze Samen Ursamen zum Trocknen an der Sonne


SESAMKRAFT® will give you a boost as a nutrient-rich, light-filled food. You will feel it, and see it on your skin. Eat it every day, in your breakfast muesli or with fruit, or eat it as it is. 1-2 teaspoons will cover your daily requirements for important vital nutrients.


Nährwerte (100g enthalten durchschnittlich)

Brennwert    1300 kJ
Brennwert    312 kcal
Fett    7,9 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 1,3    g
Kohlenhydrate    12 g
davon Zucker    1,0 g
Ballaststoffe    34 g
Eiweiß    32 g
Salz    < 0,01 g

Calcium                    2.100mg (262%)*
Magnesium                    560mg (149%)*
Eisen                        15mg (93%)*
Phosphor                    1100mg (157%)*
Zink                        11 mg (110%)*
Niacin                        10 mg (62%)*
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)                1,18mg (107%)*
Vitamin B6                    1,17mg (83%)*

*= Referenzmenge gemäß LMIV

(Abhängig von erntebedingten Schwankungen)


Kühl und trocken lagern.
Gesamt Nettoinhalt: 250 g

100% Bio Sesam (gemahlen) aus dem schwarzen Ursamen 

Pharmos Natur Green Luxury GmbH


Schwarzer Sesam Ursamen

Arab storytellers have known about the wealth of active substances in the tiny sesame seed since time immemorial. Ayurvedic doctors ascribe particular beauty and rejuvenative potency to them.
Sesamum indicum nigrum (black sesame seeds)
No additives, no preservatives. Keep in a cool, dry place.
A holistic foodstuff.

“Salutogenesis means boosting the healthy power – body, mind and soul as one unit – in people and expressing their beauty.”

Margot Esser, Firmengründerin

Black sesame

When the seeds are ripe, the shell springs open and the seeds fall onto a straw mat, where they are gathered. Our partners in India then put the seeds into a singing bowl and sing a mantra to increase their vibrations.

Appreciation from mother nature
Observance of the cosmic rhythms
Cultivation in organic mixed culture
Fair cooperation with small farmers
Eco-social engagement
Beauty inside and out
Certified Sustainability


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