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Moisturizing Spray


A moisture spray made from 100% untreated organic Aloe Vera and pure tulsi oil 
  • complete moisturising protection
  • boosts concentration and opens the consciousness
  • a refreshing energy spray
  • anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
  • gently rids the skin of tap-water residues
  • made from genuine healing and rejuvenative plants, sacred plants 


100 ml

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Product information

Multi-talented, all-rounder, beauty elixir, comprehensive protection, life companion. A list that could go on and on. Our Moisture Spray is a true friend. It understands everything, always listens and always helps. Feel the 100% pure Organic Aloe Vera juice and experience the liberating effect of tulsi, which literally means “the incomparable”.   ​
Just spraying it on your face and body bestows a soothing sensation throughout while at the same time you experience an uplifting energy boost. Any time and anywhere, this moisturising all-round talent can be used all day long – also as a moisturising spray for the hair and scalp.   ​

Tulsi’s antibacterial qualities provide outstanding protection for your skin, your body and your whole being. It promotes wound healing and has anti-inflammatory properties, e.g., for acne, blemishes and itching.  ​

A moisturising spray that activates your metabolism, harmonises your nervous system, clears your mind and improves your concentration. Helps you let go of everyday stress and has cleansing properties. Its aromatic, fresh Himalayan fragrance opens your consciousness and stimulates creativity and imagination.   ​

The result: Beauty, freshness, healthy skin, a strong immune system and an unfettered radiance. Profound well-being. ​

Thanks to its viscosity, Aloe Vera pure organic juice binds the active substances from tulsi oil without leaving any grease or residue on your skin. They work in tandem as they gently sink into the skin. The skin is left feeling soft and silky. Healthy skin blossoms, irritated skin recovers perfectly. An experience both relaxing and refreshing unfolds from head to toe.   ​
Good to know: Our tulsi is foraged wild in Nepal, and is mindfully harvested, dried and protected by our smallholders.


Mornings and evenings, after cleansing, generously spray MOISTURIZING SPRAY onto your face, neck and décolletage or other body parts and gently press it in with your hands. Or moisten a cotton wool pad with the spray and smooth over your face.

Recommended for

Combination, oily, blemished skin – gently rids the skin of tap-water residues
Inflammations and sunburn – calms and cools
Tired, heavy legs – refreshes and invigorates
Irritations after shaving – anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
Flagging concentration – boosts concentration and opens up the consciousness
Mosquito bites – counteracts itching


Aloe Vera

Its gel is fully absorbed into the skin, flooding all cells with 100% moisture and boosting the skin’s elasticity. Contains a highly effective repair complex.

Tulsi Basilikum

has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, clarifying and toning properties. It also cleanses the pores.


Soothes irritations and has an aseptic effect.
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Pentylene Glycol, Ocimum Sanctum Leaf Extract*, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Eugenol**
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture
** from natural essential oils

We speak plainly

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice reiner Aloe Vera Bio Ursaft aus dem handausgeschälten Bio Aloe Vera Gel
Pentylene Glycol Feuchtigkeitsspender aus der Zuckerrübe
Ocimum Sanctum Leaf Extract Extrakt aus dem indischen Basilikum (Tulsi)
Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil Teebaum-Öl
Eugenol natürlicher Bestandteil ätherischer Öle
Appreciation from mother nature
Observance of the cosmic rhythms
Cultivation in organic mixed culture
Fair cooperation with small farmers
Eco-social engagement
Beauty inside and out
Certified Sustainability


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July 16, 2021 15:10


Das Pharmos Natur Moisturizing Spray ist aus meinem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken! Es erfrischt die Haut und klärt den Geist, ich fühle mich natürlich geschützt und gepflegt. Genial !

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