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Holistic Food mit Produktsortiment Enlighten Yourself auf dem Tisch

Holistic FOOD

Our Lebensgesundmittel® are Holistic FOOD. For every day and for special mo-ments. They cleanse, nourish, protect and support your body to create wholeness and clarity. Achieve order and harmony in your body, so you feel good, full of vitality and self-confidence. PHARMOS NATUR Lebensgesundmittel® Holistic FOOD pro-mote a wholesome life and create awareness. They are holistic products with body, spirit and soul.
Große und kleine Flasche Aloe Bio Ursaft

Aloe Vera BioUrsaft

100% naturreiner Aloe Vera BioUrsaft

Produktlinie Free Yourself mit PapayaVera, BabacoVera, BoswelliVera und TerminaliaVera

Inner cleaning

Sich befreit fühlen. Energie tanken. Mehr Lebenslust spüren

Rote Produktlinie Empower Yourself mit Sesamkraft

Energy and strength

Sie schenkt uns Kraft und Stärke aus reichhaltigen Pflanzennährstoffen. Natur in ihrer ursprünglichen Vollkommenheit

Lila Produktlinie Take Care of Yourself mit The Secret of Rejuvenation Tee

Protection and regeneration

All unsere kostbaren Heil- und Verjüngungspflanzen stammen aus langfristigen Partnerschaften mit Kleinbauern

“Plants are living beings with body, spirit and soul. We retain this unity. Only in this way can Sacred Plants also act on our bodies, spirits and souls.”

Margot Esser, Firmengründerin




Plant wisdom

Eine Aloe Vera Pflanze ist in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung abgebildet

The philosophy behind our Lebensgesundmittel®

We are not consciously aware of this, but plants communicate with us, with all our senses and with our immune systems.* In order to understand these fundamental interrelationships, research around the world is focussing more and more on the synergy between “people, nature and cosmic influences”. Current developments and the most recent findings indicate how fascinating this holistic synergy is. In our Lebensgesundmittel® Healthy FOOD, we apply this centuries-old knowledge to make the all-encompassing powers of Sacred Plants available to you.

Rote offene Handflächen halten eine rote Achiote

Salutogenesis: we all possess a healthy power within ourselves – the power of self-healing.

Everyone has a health potential, a genuine vital power, within themselves, no matter how they feel at any given moment. This healthy power is precisely what we want to awaken and activate in everyone, and in you, so that it can spread throughout your entire body. The magic word here is salutogenesis: the knowledge of how health is created in the human body. This was the inspiration and the motivation for developing our Lebensgesundmittel®. Healthy Food made from Sacred Plants, special plants that will supply your body with both a wide range of nutrients and with light energy – biophotons – and high vibrations. They aid your body to create order, which means: creating integrity. The harmonious interplay of head, heart and body, giving rise to a feeling of wholeness, self-confidence and self-awareness.
Mischkultur mit Pferd und Aloe-Pflanzen im Vordergrund

How we find extraordinary plants, Sacred Plants, for our Lebensgesundmittel®...

We have been travelling to the far-flung regions of the world for the past 30 years. We have visited naturopaths and shamans, frequently in remote, inaccessible areas. That is where we find our extraordinary Sacred Plants. They supply essential sustenance to the indigenous peoples. They also unleash healing powers. The result is that many people there are healthy, and reach a healthy old age. Time and again, we are fascinated and inspired. Our advisers are scientists who see and experience the world in holistic terms, how everything is interwoven with everything else, and how everything influences everything else. Together we select our special plants and with our smallholders, we provide mindful care to ensure they grow healthily.  

Versatile nutrients, light energy – biophotons – and high vibrations 

Professor Albert Popp, who discovered biophotons, was our partner as early as 30 years ago. His experience taught us to see plants in their wholeness and to look within them. To recognise their intensive light energy, their high vibrations and, naturally, their combinations of versatile nutrients also.  
We use these light- and nutrient-rich plants with high vibrations to make wonderful, powerful Lebensgesundmittel® for you.  

Important EU legislation does not permit us to further list the healthy properties of the plants. We do however have many scientific studies and, above all, reports from users. Going back three decades. Convince yourself of the valuable properties of our individual Lebensgesundmittel. We will be delighted to receive your feedback.

*Clemens Arvay: The Biophilia Effect; Peter Wohlleben: The Hidden Life of Trees; Dolores LaChapelle: Earth Wisdom; Josef Scheppach: The Secret Consciousness of Plants; Rupert Sheldrake: The Memory of Nature