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Set Weihrauch


Frankincense Set
  • frankincense – the highest quality Boswellia sacra
  • gentle cleansing, inside and out
  • for burning and adding to water for drinking treatments
  • from wild trees growing in energy-rich potent sites in southern Oman


50 g (€79.00* / 100 g)

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Oman, a land of wonders! Blessed with awe-inspiring frankincense trees on the northern foothills of the Dhofar Mountains, where they grow naturally, wild and free, in energy-rich potent spots. We obtain the highest quality Boswellia sacra frankincense from this legend-steeped region.

Known as frankincense, or luban in Arabic, the nuanced fragrance is omnipresent in Oman even today. Frankincense is used to cleanse unpleasant smells, and unpleasant thoughts after arguments and conflicts. Burned as incense, it liberates both rooms and people from destructive energy.

For internal cleansing, the locals take two to three small lumps of white frankincense in a litre of drinking water, to feel cleansed and liberated. Drink a bottle of water with frankincense every day.


The “lifeblood of the tree” is carefully extracted from the inner trunk in drops. This “liquid gold” instantly transforms into resin, with a staggering variety of different shapes and colours in the individual pieces. Delicate, small or coarse-grained, they shimmer reddish-brown, golden-brown to pale yellow or greenish-white, clear and pure. This is how to recognise the highest quality from Oman.



The harvesting period stretches from late March to late August. Only when the tree is “tapped” for the third time during this period, with a special knife, does it release the quality resin, precious and pure. PHARMOS NATUR uses only this frankincense. The amount harvested depends on the age, size and condition of the tree and reaches 3 to 10 kilos per tree. The locals who accompanied us ask the tree for permission first and sense the tree’s consent. We have also seen trees that did not release a single drop.


Frankincense releases its characteristic, subtly balsamic, lightly fruity-sweet to lemon-fresh scent as soon as it heats up and starts to melt. Special incense charcoal (quick ignition charcoal) can easily be ignited with a lighter. As soon as the charcoal is glowing and its surface is covered with a layer of grey ash, add a little frankincense, and allow the light, white smoke to suffuse gently through the room. It dissolves energetic stagnation, refreshing and revitalising the whole space. Burning incense does not produce any tetrahydrocannabinols (THC). A wonderful, liberating sensation.



Our recommendation for use: fumigate your entire home at least once per week. Afterwards, open doors and windows to clear the smoke and with it the bad energy. Observe where the smoke column lingers, because the energy of that spot needs a more intensive fumigation to cleanse it. We recommend daily fumigation to improve sleep and to deplete stress energy and anger after arguments and disagreeable visitors.


PHARMOS NATUR’s “Boswellia sacra”, unadulterated, untreated sacred frankincense. The best quality frankincense available in Oman. Discover the secrets of fumigation with holy frankincense! Incense burners, hand-made by an Austrian artist, with charcoal and frankincense in a beautiful gift box.



inhibits the breakdown of collagen, has a revitalising effect on skin and joints and is regenerative after sun exposure. Ideal for damaged skin.

“We recommend daily fumigation to improve sleep and to deplete stress energy and anger after arguments and disagreeable visitors.”

Margot Esser, Firmengründerin
Appreciation from mother nature
Observance of the cosmic rhythms
Cultivation in organic mixed culture
Fair cooperation with small farmers
Eco-social engagement
Beauty inside and out
Certified Sustainability


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