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wilder roter Reishi Pilz
  • the unique vital fungus to boost life energy. Certified organic
  • the sought-after “mushroom of immortality”
  • bestows vitality on your organ system, particularly your liver
  • versatile plant ingredients in an unadulterated holistic network
  • with intensive light energy (biophotons) and high vibrations
  • reishi fungi for REISHIVERA® flourish wild and free in the Himalayas
  • hand-harvested by licensed foragers
  • no additives, no preservatives, no extracts
  • fair and responsible partnerships with indigenous people and their families in Nepal
  • social engagement in school-building in remote rural regions with Schülerhilfe Nepal e.V.


18 g (€411.11* / 100 g)

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In traditional Chinese medicine, the reishi fungus is highly desired as the mushroom of immortality, and is one of the oldest and most efficacious natural remedies. At the same time, it is also a nutritious food. Hippocrates (the ancient physician, 460-375 BCE) said ‘let your food be your medicine’ and, to be true to this, we travelled the world. We are always seeking out the arcane knowledge of ancient cultures, and in doing so, we stumble upon very special plants – our extraordinary healing and rejuvenative plants, sacred plants. We were and are utterly convinced: these unknown stars represent a real elixir for our daily lives. For health and beauty.

As we learned more and more from the indigenous peoples in Nepal, and their healers and shamans, about their knowledge of medicinal plants, we discovered the reishi fungus, and when we contacted universities to find out more about reishi, we were astonished. The 5000-year-old doctrine of Ayurveda, Tibetan philosophy and Chinese medicinal lore were all agreed: reishi is the fungus for longevity, in a very special way. Little by little, the knowledge we gathered became our library, and then, later, the PHARMOS NATUR ACADEMY.


The reports made a huge impression on us, indeed, they released a veritable storm of enthusiasm! I had to try it for myself. Every day for six weeks, I drank reishi tea that I prepared according to the above recipe, simmering the dried fungus pieces gently for 30 minutes. I was fascinated as I discovered that the energy congestion in my portal vein and liver had unblocked, and my husband experienced the same thing. That was the start of REISHIVERA®! We wanted reishi, absolutely natural, energetically pure and with all its vitality, for our customers in Europe.

Intensive Lichtenergie in den Bergen des Himalaya


Current scientific debates and studies* indicate that Reishi renews the telomeres**. This would confirm the lore of ancient knowledge and explain why Reishi is called “the mushroom of immortality”.

*Telomeres are the proteins capping the ends of chromosomes. They protect the DNA from disintegrating and guarantee that our cells function correctly and contain the right information. They become a little shorter each time a cell divides, which science associates with ageing.

Telomeres can be thought of as the caps on the end of shoelaces: they are protective. When they begin to fray, that is, disintegrate or shorten, then the shoelace will soon come to the end of its useful life.

Something similar is true for telomeres. As they shorten, the ageing process is considerably accelerated. Many scientific studies have demonstrated a connection between cell ageing and short telomeres. Scientists currently hypothesise that telomeres regulate the visible signs of ageing.

But telomeres do not just shorten as we get older. They can also be shortened by a poor lifestyle: stress, smoking, excess weight, lack of exercise and an inadequate diet. It is nice to know that this is in our own hands, so let’s take responsibility for a balanced lifestyle.


Original publication
Balk, A. Maicher, M. Dees, J. Klermund, S. Luke-Glaser, K. Bender & B. Luke: Telomeric RNA-DNA hybrids affect telomere length dynamics and senescence; Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. (8 September 2013), DOI: 10.1038/nsmb.2662


Our licensed foragers gather the fresh, energy-rich reishi fungi in the Himalayas; they grow here, symbiotically on and with trees at altitudes of up to 3,500 metres, where the Himalayas are still thickly forested. This is how we obtain *Biophilia energy from our fungi. Wild-growing reishi fungi encompass a unique network of hundreds of connected substances. At the same time, these fungi contain intensive light energy (biophotons) and high vibrations. This is what makes them different from reishi fungi cultivated in an injection solution. Global research currently confirms this ancient, empirical knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine.



As it thrives in the special solar energy of the Himalayas, the fungus quite naturally develops resistance to UV radiation. Even its red-brown-purple colour points to the potential and protective abilities of its radical-capturing properties. REISHIVERA® is a very special elixir of life to safeguard your health and the difference it makes to your body is something you will notice very swiftly. Reishi boosts the vitality of the organ system, particularly the liver.

Einzigartiger Vitalpilz für mehr Lebenskraft. Biozertifiziert

Suppen-Highlight mit REISHIVERA®


Add a heaped teaspoon of REISHIVERA® to 1/2 l of water and simmer gently for 30 minutes to make tea. Then enjoy the reishi tea, and eat the tiny mushroom pieces too. Or stir them into soups and stews as they finish cooking. Simmering allows the reishi fungus to unleash its energy fully and completely. Integrate curative REISHIVERA® into your daily routine.


Nährwerte (100g enthalten durchschnittlich)

Brennwert    950 kJ
Brennwert    232 kcal
Fett    1,8 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren    0,3 g
Kohlenhydrate    5,6 g
davon Zucker    < 0,5 g
Ballaststoffe    65 g
Eiweiß    16 g
Salz    0,02 g

(Abhängig von erntebedingten Schwankungen)

Ohne Spritz- und Konservierungsmittel.

Kühl und trocken lagern.
Gesamt Nettoinhalt: 50 g

100% wilder roter Reishi-Pilz, getrocknet und gemahlen.

Pharmos Natur Green Luxury GmbH

Laut Lebensmittelsicherheits- und Verbraucherschutzgesetz ist es nicht erlaubt, einem Lebensmittel Eigenschaften der Vorbeugung, Behandlung oder Heilung einer menschlichen Krankheit zuzuschreiben oder den Eindruck dieser Eigenschaften entstehen zu lassen. Darum müssen wir hier leider auf jede weitere Information verzichten.


Reishi Pilz

the sought-after “mushroom of immortality”. A unique vital fungus to boost energy and vigour. It is one of the oldest, most effective natural remedies and is also a highly nutritious foodstuff.

100% wilder roter Reishi-Pilz, getrocknet und gemahlen.

“If everybody involved in a processing chain positively incorporates the power of their thoughts, then they can positively influence the product development process.”

Margot Esser, Firmengründerin
Appreciation from mother nature
Observance of the cosmic rhythms
Cultivation in organic mixed culture
Fair cooperation with small farmers
Eco-social engagement
Beauty inside and out
Certified Sustainability


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