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Organic PapayaVera


Papayakerne aus der Carica-Papaya
  • a secret recipe from Sri Lanka
  • vital, energising carica papaya seeds
  • with intensive light energy and high vibrations
  • leaves the digestive system feeling comfortable
  • for acclimatising when travelling
  • aids the enzymatic digestion of fat
  • keeps the breath fresh
  • should be in every traveller’s suitcase
  • no preservatives and no genetic modifications
  • fair and responsible treatment of nature and the smallholders in Sri Lanka


25 g (€178.00* / 100 g)

Product number: 2-010002


Papaya seeds, the small brown-black pips in our papaya fruit, are astonishingly energising. Our papayas contain particularly valuable seeds, because they are an extraordinary papaya variety that has grown for centuries in the heart of Sri Lanka, wild and primordial, in unique and almost unspoiled nature, a healthy environment, in good company with other plants. Smallholders take loving care of our papayas. As soon as the carica papayas have reached the correct degree of ripeness, it’s time to harvest them. The seeds are mindfully separated from the fruit by hand. This is very arduous, because the seeds must be removed from the fruit one by one before being carefully dried in the sun. Our extensive tests established that the gentle process of sun-drying creates the intensive light energy (biophotons) in the seeds, which also have high vibrations.


Because our papayas grow in the wilderness, the papaya seeds develop with important, versatile minerals and fibre, with fat-splitting enzymes that promote digestion, vitamins, trace elements and, most importantly, mustard oil glucosides. Mustard oils are key vital substances in known healthy foodstuffs, particularly horseradish, nasturtiums and radishes. They protect the body from acidosis and always create a base environment where required. Mustard oils are known to repel gut parasites and fungal infestations. They aid the breakdown of fat in the body, counter digestive disorders and diarrhoea, and promote well-being. In combination with natural vital substances, created in the right place by nature, they are important for boosting your health.

In ökologischer Mischkultur angebaut

Prachtvoll gewachsene Früchte


All around the globe, many primitive peoples have valued the papaya’s versatile properties since time immemorial. When we travelled the world to visit natural healers and shamans, we noticed again and again that both our travel guides and the local farmers were always chewing papaya seeds, like chewing gum. We were hugely curious. They told us that the seeds give them strength, powering the farmers during their demanding work in the fields, and the travel guides on their challenging treks. They always had papaya seeds in their rucksacks and emergency luggage. It was and today remains their secret recipe for tourists, ensuring that they are spared stomach and intestinal problems to the greatest extent possible. Because the seeds create a feeling of well-being in the entire digestive system.

Did you know that the seeds are pleasantly hot due to the mustard oil content? They taste nutty and mildly hot, and even your breath will become clear and fresh. PapayaVera® is a genuine, holistic Lebensgesundmittel®. Completely untreated.

Die goldenen Früchte der Tropenpapaya

Kraftspendende Papaya-Kerne


Chew 3-5 PapayaVera® seeds several times per day, preferably after each meal. When chewed, the seeds develop a harmonious, lightly peppery, spicy flavour and freshen your breath. They are also ideal for use as seasoning instead of pepper or mixed with it in your pepper mill. The zingy seeds are suitable for eating at home and we also recommend you take some with you wherever you go. PapayaVera® has a place in every travel first-aid kit and will help your intestinal flora to adjust more easily to local conditions.


Nährwerte (100g enthalten durchschnittlich)

Brennwert   1612 kJ
Brennwert   390 kcal
Fett   24 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren   5,7 g
Kohlenhydrate   6,6 g
davon Zucker   1,5 g
Ballaststoffe   29 g
Eiweiß   22 g
Salz   0,06 g

(Abhängig von erntebedingten Schwankungen)

Kühl und trocken lagern.
Gesamt Nettoinhalt: 50 g

100% Bio Papaya Kerne

Pharmos Natur Green Luxury GmbH



The small black-brown seeds of the yellow-golden Carica papaya from Sri Lanka are remarkably multi-talented. Many indigenous peoples have valued their power for centuries.

“We give thanks for the ‘abundance of nature’ and for her beneficial and healing actions on us in special rituals.”

Margot Esser, Firmengründerin
Appreciation from mother nature
Observance of the cosmic rhythms
Cultivation in organic mixed culture
Fair cooperation with small farmers
Eco-social engagement
Beauty inside and out
Certified Sustainability


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