We Support Nepal’s “Schülerhilfe”


To improve educational opportunities for children in Nepal, PHARMOS NATUR has launched the project: “Education for Amppipal – making the future possible”. In this way, we are supporting the humanitarian aid organisation “Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V.” (Student Help for Nepal).

After many visits to Nepal and the cooperation with smallholders, PHARMOS NATUR set itself the task of promoting the urgently necessary education of children in this country. This was why we and our friends founded the humanitarian aid organisation “Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V.”. Within more than seven years, this organisation has achieved excellent results. Not only has more than one million euros been collected in donations, but it has also built several new schools in which several thousand children are able to learn. Our company has taken on a particularly difficult project and has contributed significantly to the expansion of the school in Amppipal.




The village of Amppipal is in a remote location that is difficult to access, in the Gorkha district at an altitude of approx. 1100m in the foothills of the Himalayas. The local school called “Shree Janata Higher Secondary School” was far too small and was in a dismal state in all respects. This related to the hygiene standard as well as all the school equipment from furniture to lighting. The students often have to walk for more than two hours in order to be able to go to school at all. It is the only higher secondary school within a radius of 20 km.

It was of special importance to PHARMOS NATUR to support this project. This was because it was in the district of Gorkha that the first Demeter-certified cultivation project “Land of the Medicine Buddha” was established over 10 years ago with the help of PHARMOS NATUR. Black sesame, tulsi, nelli and many other healing plants are grown here.

Even after the considerable damage that occurred in Amppipal, the epicentre of the last major earthquake, our plea secured an additional donation of more than €30,000, which has helped to restore the school to a prime state.

The donation success of “Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V.” has been so great in recent years that new projects can be currently developed in Nepal because they are already funded. Thus there will be no further fundraising until the ongoing projects are completed.


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