We live biodiversity. Naturally.


What does maintaining natural diversity mean for Pharmos Natur?

The natural diversity of selected healing and rejuvenative plants forms the building blocks of all PHARMOS NATUR products. SACRED PLANTS are grown all over the world in ecological mixed cultivation, without nasty chemicals. The close interconnection between nature and business is exhibited daily in our company. Within our partnerships, it is particularly important that everything works well together: cultivation, harvesting, processing, sourcing of raw materials and payment of our farmer employees. We firmly believe that the quality of a product starts with the smallholders in the field.

In conversation with Margot Esser-Greineder, the founder of PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury, and Paul Greineder, Managing Director

What does maintaining natural diversity and safeguarding a living environment for all mean for Pharmos Natur?

Margot Esser-Greineder Corporate content needs to go hand in hand, naturally, with conserving biological diversity. With and in our work, we do everything to protect life on earth, preserve the diversity of habitats and living communities and also to protect diversity within a species. 

Paul Greineder Exactly. Because Pharmos Natur sees itself as a living system, like nature itself, with a clear orientation. Everything within that system is meant to help preserve our planet, respectfully and attentively, so humanity and nature can live in harmony. This begins in the corporate microcosm.

Everyone’s talking about biodiversity...

Margot Esser-Greineder …True, it is a trend in many companies today. But Pharmos Natur’s activities have always been based on the original idea, since the beginning. With this in mind, and on this foundation, the company was born and has grown, and is developing organically. This means that aspects of biodiversity have influenced company activities from the outset. It also means that we focus on all areas of the company, including the operational processes on our site, logistics, packaging, and last but not least, our precious raw materials. 

Nature in all its diversity is your business base, which is why the subject of organic farming is so important to you...

Paul Greineder...As a trained brewer and economist with an academic training, I have always been environmentally aware. So organic farming has always been close to my heart. Nature, the environment, ecology and sustainable agricultural methods are therefore an integral part of Pharmos Natur’s company policy.
Maintaining biological diversity is a prerequisite when considering the entire value chain, from cultivation, harvesting and production through to marketing. At the same time specific, internal activities are also required.

What does thinking in holistic, sustainable cycles mean for you? 
Why is it so important that we take much more care of our soil?

Margot Esser-Greineder That is very simple, as one example will show: potent, uncontaminated soils are an incredible miniature world. Animals, bacteria and fungi interact with water and other nutrients, and the result is healthy plants and fruits. The raw materials for our products are not contaminated, meaning we can produce untreated Lebensgesundmittel and real natural cosmetics. Nature that works.
Pharmos Natur consistently focuses on beauty, health and well-being. For this, we need an intact environment; we need to be re-converted to what is natural, using all means necessary to preserve a healthy ecosystem.

Holistic thinking, raising awareness, concrete actions
Paul Greineder Essentially, we need to create greater awareness in society of why ecological agriculture is necessary for our survival. What will it actually mean for us all if soil compaction and soil sealing continue at this rate? Normally, healthy soil absorbs CO2 through organic processes, but this is happening less and less. The earth is absorbing less water, but it needs more as it cools through evaporation. All over the world there are many regions fighting erosion and desertification. And everywhere we are losing land on which good raw materials could grow. This cycle must be broken. With our company involvement in, for example, the Biodiversity in Good Company initiative, we want to contribute to variety and biodiversity. We want to contribute to giving life a chance.

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