VegetoDynamik® – “Reset” for Happiness and Vitality


VegetoDynamik® awakens and activates the vital energy in every human being. It connects us to our inner creativity. It leads us to self-love and self-esteem. It opens our hearts. We discover how wonderful it feels when head, heart and stomach work together. Then we can trust our intuition. We come into contact with our higher self and experience our true destiny. VegetoDynamik creates awareness.


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Its basis is the knowledge of the interaction between the body, the nervous system and the brain, between feeling and thinking. All experiences and adventures that we have amassed in our lives are stored in our body cells. They shape our behaviour. Therefore, we usually react in the same way to certain situations in our lives. In this interaction, individual thoughts and feelings arise in each person. They are reflected in the stature of our body and our character.

Our habits and behaviour usually proceed in a cycle. A certain thought reminds the cells of an experience in the past. The nerve cells now react with the same circuits, giving rise to the familiar sensations and feelings. It is always the same circuit involving pain, anxiety, joy, anger, guilt, etc. Mindfully touching the body can swiftly soothe such thoughts, and allow the neural circuits of the nervous system to “shut down”. They stop interconnecting in the usual way.

This is the time to discover NEW THINGS. We learn to connect with the realm of unlimited possibilities.

Experience how it feels to be full of vitality, confidence, inner satisfaction and basic trust.

Learn how to find happiness through your body.

VegetoDynamik Information Evening

Learn more about the basics of the method. What prospects does the training as a VegetoDynamik® therapist offer you personally?

Find out about VegetoDynamik® during a free information evening.


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