It cleanses and clears spaces and energies

TULSI. Indian basil
For Hindus, tulsi, or Indian basil, is the holiest of all plants and numerous legends surround it. For many Indians, multi-talented tulsi works miracles with its very special healing powers. 
Tulsi protects the skin, activates the metabolism, balances the nervous system, clears the mind, boosts concentration and so helps you to let go of the stress of everyday life. 



Indian basil – ocimum tenuiflorum – royal basil or holy basil – is also known as tulsi or tulasi; in Sanskrit: तुलसी. Literally translated, this means “the incomparable”.

Tulsi – origin 
The pure tulsi herb originates from different regions in the Indian subcontinent, but its natural range today extends from Southeast Asia to Southwest Asia. Our tulsi is foraged wild in Nepal, and is mindfully harvested, dried and protected by our smallholders.

Everyone in India knows about this health-giving plant with many names. Botanically, it belongs to the labiatae or lamiaceae family and is related to European basil. The very aromatic tulsi plant is actually a herb, but it can grow up to a metre in height, like a small tree, and has elongated, toothed leaves. Indian basil particularly thrives in tropical or subtropical regions.
There are several different varieties of this legendary medicinal plant, but they all have similar properties. White tulsi (shweta tulsi) and black tulsi (krushna tulsi) are the best known. 

Tulsi – how it works
Along with skin-protecting beta carotenes, the Indian basil used by PHARMOS NATUR contains strongly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory plant substances, such as polyphenols and flavonoids. The health-giving tulsi plant is rich in valuable B vitamins and also contains a high proportion of eugenol essential oil. This is what gives tulsi its typical fragrance, resembling cloves, cinnamon and aniseed. Researchers believe that this is what creates the anti-inflammatory effect. All these factors together have a very positive effect on our whole bodies and our mental performance. Organic, pure tulsi is known as a genuine cure-all herb in medicine, whether for colds, the digestive tract or a sore throat. It boosts the immune system, lowers cholesterol, works as an antioxidant, and reduces stress. It endows you with new tranquillity and emotional calm.

Traditional uses of holy tulsi
In Ayurvedic medicine, Indian basil has been prized as an effective natural medicine for millennia. Due to its beneficial properties, tulsi is deeply revered on the entire Indian continent. According to legend, Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, reveals herself through this special healing plant, for the good of all. Merely touching the plant is reputed to impart a protective and cleansing effect. It also repels insects, soothes insect bites and is good for the eyes, ears and teeth.

Spiritual uses
In India, tulsi embodies wealth, fertility, luck, health and virtue, and is also considered protection against negative energies and evil spirits. It cleanses and clears spaces and energies. Holy tulsi boosts our aura and our charisma.


Moisture Spray
Our tulsi is truly multi-talented. Moisture spray from pure Aloe Vera juice and organic tulsi. Just spraying it on transports all the anti-inflammatory, regenerative and refreshing ingredients to exactly where they are needed, supporting the skin’s healthy balance and the entire immune system. This contributes significantly to boosting health. It clears the mind and bestows new vitality in every situation 
Precious tulsi moisture spray is made of 100% pure organic Aloe Vera juice and organic tulsi oil, promising a beneficial energy kick when you spray it directly onto your face and body. Anywhere, any time; this moisturising all-round protection can be used round the clock. With immediately visible results, even on the most sensitive skin! 

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