The sun: our most important source of vitamin D


Essential vitamin D is important because it helps us to feel healthy and beautiful

The sun and your health
The sun sparks a great many health-promoting effects in the body, among other things through the formation of vitamin D; it also improves circulation, benefits muscle development and boosts the immune system. It even causes the body to release larger quantities of the happiness hormone serotonin. The formation of the anti-ageing hormone melatonin and the sex hormone testosterone is also stimulated by sunlight. Everybody knows that more people start to look for love in spring, as daylight hours increase and we see more of the sun. 
Various studies have even found evidence that vitamin D supports a healthy heart and circulation and that it may reduce the risk of diabetes and some types of cancer.
Essential vitamin D is important because it helps us to feel healthy and beautiful and promotes our wellbeing.

The sun: our most important source of vitamin D 
In his book “Sonnenlicht – das größte Gesundheitsgeheimnis” [Sunlight – the greatest healthcare secret], author Thomas Klein recommends “going out in the sun often and in moderation, rather than rarely and for too long.” 
Yet there are also seasonal differences. He therefore advises us to take advantage of every ray of sun in spring and autumn, to prepare the skin for UV radiation. And to let the sun touch your whole body during these milder seasons, because it does you good. 
In the summer, however, we should rather focus attention on our faces, hands and the soles of our feet and show them to the sun. Otherwise, depending on your skin type and the sun’s intensity: stay well protected. 
What our bodies can do – if we respond to the signals – is impressive. With the help of sunlight, they produce vitamin D, for example; UVB rays on the skin stimulate its formation. 
Studies have shown that vitamin D is most effectively and sustainably absorbed with the healthy energy source, the sun. Under sunlight, the body produces 80 to 90 percent of its vitamin D supply itself. In SUN HARMONY, protective plants support this process in a unique way.

In harmony with the sun – SUN HARMONY. Sunscreen from PHARMOS NATUR 

With Q Food, our edible sun protection, the skin’s self-protection is boosted to excellent effect. Biophoton light in the cells is enhanced, and this cell light protects us from the sun’s radiation from the inside. 
Q Food contains Plant Power: annatto, acai, acerola, blueberries, rosehips, hemp, cocoa and blackcurrants. Our edible sun protection strengthens the organism intelligently, activates the immune system and fights off the free radicals created by too much light radiation. At the same time, Q Food stimulates melanin production with the help of beta carotenoids. The skin tans, and so the body begins to produce its own natural sun protection, from the inside out. Entirely naturally and intelligently.

The formation of vitamin D is supported by holistic sun protection from the outside
Pure black sesame seed oil, walnut oil from the nut not the shell, hemp oil, sea buckthorn oil, carancha oil and annatto interact synergistically in our Tanning Oil and boost each other’s potential. They create a natural, healthy sun protection – with pure plant potency.
The plant network strengthens the skin, increasing internal resistance to UV rays. Melanin production is activated in the cells and creates a natural tan – this is how the body protects itself effectively against UV radiation. The antioxidant power in the pure plant oils boosts the skin’s cell structure and fights off free radicals. It pampers the skin with all-encompassing nutrients, leaving it protected, balanced and nourished and supporting the formation of vitamin D.
Sun Harmony Tanning Oil instantly gives the skin the gorgeous tan of a long, beautiful holiday, as if by magic. The legally verifiable sun protection factor is SPF 6.

SUN HARMONY – sunscreen with holistic sun protection factor
Using particularly gentle and spiritually mindful processing procedures, we keep the integrity of the plants and do not isolate any active ingredients. This retains the spirit of the precious plants, which can then act smartly. With the help of physical and spiritual testing procedures with special energy, we discover which plants complement each other harmoniously and work together to boost their protective effect against the sun.
The symbiosis of holistic plant oil in SUN HARMONY stimulates your skin to protect itself intelligently. Our experience shows that it outperforms the legally verifiable sun protection factor. Legislation is not yet oriented towards holistic measurement methods so the protective effect of plant oils is not measured. We would be delighted if you could amass your own experiences: tell us about your observations of our SUN HARMONY, holistic sun protection from inside and out!



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