The perfect beard care


Beard hair must absolutely be treated differently to head hair

Perfect beard care starts in the morning

Men love to follow routines in the morning too: coffee, newspaper, shower. Nowadays, hairstyling and skincare with pure natural cosmetics are also on the schedule. Every enthusiastic beard-wearer has a daily morning routine with perfect beard care to create a natural-looking, lustrous beard. High quality beard care must become an everyday ritual to keep your beard fresh, soft and beautifully maintained. The length, shape, thickness and strength of beard hairs are typically reflected in natural beard care. With PHARMOS NATUR’s Nature of Men Cleansing & Shaving Gel and Skin & Beard Oil, you can achieve convincing care and styling results to start the day full of verve and confidence. Natural and perfect beard care is catching on.


Nature of Men Cleansing & Shaving Gel by PHARMOS NATUR
Chilean soap bark
, from the soap bark tree, gently purifies and clarifies skin and hair, neutralises hard water, alleviates tension and tones the skin. Aloe Vera Raw Organic Juice soothes the skin and instantly supplies it with moisture, glyconutrients and enzymes, preventing injuries, burns and breakouts and strengthening the skin’s protective film. Our Cleansing & Shaving Gel is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin prone to breakouts. PHARMOS NATUR’s Cleansing Gel gently purifies the beard and facial skin.

Important facts: beard hair must absolutely be treated differently to head hair. Facial skin is much more sensitive than the scalp. Cultivated beard-wearers are therefore very happy to use a natural cleansing gel and afterwards, a high-quality skin and beard oil, that tames stubborn beard hair, smells good and deeply nourishes the skin.


Short or long – everything depends on perfect beard care
Whether a man is clean-shaven or bearded makes a difference in the morning skincare ritual. Washing your beard, clipping and trimming it, but also massaging in beard oil, all form part of your daily routine for perfect beard care. This will leave your beard soft and easy to shape with an elegant sheen.

Whether you have designer stubble or a full beard, perfect beard care is a pleasure with PHARMOS NATUR’s Nature of Men Cleansing & Shaving Gel for washing your beard and our Skin & Beard Oil for beard care.


Nature of Men Skin & Beard Oil by PHARMOS NATUR

A wonderful multi-purpose product with the scent of frankincense and mint. Your beard and the skin beneath it will be best nourished and protected with PHARMOS NATUR’s Skin & Beard Oil. Your skin will not dry out, flake or itch. Your beard will look lustrous, sleek and healthy. Due to its special haptics, the oil absorbs easily into the skin, surrounding the beard hair like a protective coat at the same time.

A multi-action PHARMOS NATUR product that is easy to use. Men love it!

Rub several drops between your fingers and use your fingers to comb the oil into your beard, especially if it is long. Run the fingers from your chin to your ears too, so that the oil reaches your skin and the roots. Finally, comb your beard to distribute the oil evenly.

For particularly dry spots, mix a few drops with PHARMOS NATUR’s Nature of Men Effect Serum. 100% nature that works.

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