The Life-Giving Root from the High Andes of Peru


Beautiful skin, slim and full of energy thanks to healthy intestinal flora

If our intestines are healthy, our skin radiates and we remain slim and full of energy.

Do you also sometimes wonder what your intestines have to do with your skin, with your figure and your well-being? The answer is: absolutely everything. We know that the large intestine is an underestimated organ. It influences all processes in our body, affects our mind and also our feelings. In order for our intestines to feel comfortable, its more than 200 trillion “inhabitants” must be kept in balance, which is not such an easy task at times with this large amount of different intestinal bacteria, because our intestines are highly sensitive. Unpleasant thoughts, bad feelings, a lot of daily stress, deep worries, an unbalanced diet and a lack of movement damage our intestines immensely. The first signs of such damage are often fatigue, impure or irritated skin, flatulence and bloating, followed by indigestion, a lack of energy, bleeding gums, etc. Our entire organism loses its balance.

If your intestines are healthy, then so are you, and your skin radiates!

The Secret of YaconVera® - the Root of Life from Peru

Yacon is a unique tuber that grows in the High Andes of Peru. Locals have always eaten it regularly and know its amazing effect. Scientists at the International Potato Centre in Peru have confirmed that the yacon root, with its special active substances, promotes the development of healthy intestinal flora and is crucial in balancing our blood glucose level. It has a unique network of nutrients, rich minerals, trace elements and vitamin C, making it an excellent supplier of strength and energy.

Most importantly: YaconVera® contains special carbohydrates that satisfy hunger without being fattening. After consuming the root, the body does not demand insulin. Therefore, YaconVera ® is also excellent for diabetics.

The amazing range of benefits of YaconVera® includes the following:

  • Ensures beautiful, healthy skin
  • Outstanding prebiotic supplier of strength and energy
  • Nutrition for all useful intestinal bacteria
  • Development of healthy intestinal flora
  • Calcium, magnesium and iron can be absorbed better into the blood
  • Cholesterol levels and triglycerides are reduced
  • Glycaemic index is reduced
  • Facilitates weight loss
  • Prevents sudden cravings for food
  • Curbs the craving for sweet things
  • Ensures a balanced blood glucose level
  • Especially suitable for diabetics

YACONVERA® Raw Organic Juice

This is 100% pure fresh plant juice from yacon roots. It tastes good and really works wonders. Drinking 10-15 ml of it twice daily is sufficient to ensure an optimum supply for adults and older children. We recommend 1 teaspoon per day for infants and babies.

YACONVERA® Root Slices

YACONVERA® is also available as tasty root slices. It is a delicious snack for everyone and for many occasions: infants, children in kindergarten and at school, adults at home, at work and on the go.

Incorporate 10g of YACONVERA® into your daily meals. Start the first week with 3-4 slices daily, and then consume the contents of an entire packet per day. Make sure to chew them in particular whenever you start having sudden cravings for food. They are especially suitable for diabetics.

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