The Carancha


High content of karanjin, it contains a very effective bio-flavonoid that naturally stimulates the skin's melanin production. 

Carancha – Pongamia Glabra – Indian Beech

CARANCHA originates from the south of India and is now cultivated in many tropical regions of Asia.

Each pod of the Indian CARANCHA tree carries a single golden-brown seed. Adorned with purple and white flowers, it grows under a bright green canopy of leaves. The CARANCHA, also called "Indian Beech", particularly flourishes in the south of India. Botanically it belongs to the legume family. Although its seeds have a bitter taste and are not suitable for consumption, a valuable golden brown oil is harvested from them.

Oil extraction
The seeds are carefully dried and gently ground and opened by us in our own process. During this process we extract the valuable oil. 

The CARANCHA oil with its abundance of herbal active ingredients has an exceptional effect on the pigmentation of the skin. With its high content of karanjin, it contains a very effective bio-flavonoid that naturally stimulates the skin's melanin production. Combined with other valuable vegetable oils, it is very effective in the treatment of vitiligo (white spot skin) and lack of pigmentation. For healthy skin, it provides a beautiful tan in a most natural way and so increases the skin's own protection against the sun. 
In addition, scientific studies have shown that the flavonoids karanjin and pongamol possess the specific ability to absorb sun rays in both the UVB and UVA ranges. This is why it is used in India as a natural sunscreen.
The abundance of bio-flavonoids in CARNACHA oil has even more to offer: it has a strong anti-microbial effect and can be used to disinfect and relieve psoriasis, eczema and itching. Containing more than 50% unsaturated olein fatty acids, CARANCHA Oil provides the skin with additional moisture and leaves it soft and supple.

Traditional use
The CARANCHA grows particularly well in the south of India. Ayurvedic medicine there has been aware of its beneficial effects for thousands of years: externally, the valuable oil from the seeds is traditionally used for the treatment of acne, eczema and parasites due to its disinfecting properties. The root fibres of the tree and parts of the bark are used for natural dental care. A juice from the fresh CARANCHA leaves is prescribed for bronchial infections, coughs and colds. A broth from the white flowers is said to help with diabetes and rheumatism. Whole pieces of the bark are applied to the skin and left to act to clean wounds and inflammations. A powder from the seed capsules is said to provide relief for urinary tract infections. 
The application areas of Indian Beech are many and varied. Traditionally, the rural population of India uses beech as a natural insect repellent in organic agriculture in addition to its natural healing applications. The pods and bark are used to make a substrate with a bitter taste that repels insects.
Primarily CARANCHA is highly appreciated by the rural population of India for the beneficial & sun-protective effect of its valuable oil on body and soul.


We use the valuable CARANCHA oil as a constant component in our sun protection cosmetics SUN HARMONY. Coupled with the rare oil of the tropical ANNATTO and our special ALOE VERA, it provides holistic protection from the sun. At the same time it nourishes and soothes the skin in case of irritation and supplies extra moisture. We have harmoniously supplemented the key plants with other valuable and light-protecting medicinal and rejuvenating plants from all over the world. The plant oils in SUN HARMONY enhance each other's sun-protective and caring effects in perfect symbiosis – for your holistic sun protection from inside and out: 
Used externally in TANNING OIL or PROTECT CREAM the symbiosis of valuable vegetable oils immediately produces a protective brown tint to your skin and prevents premature ageing. Taken internally in the Q FOOD the entire organism is stimulated to build up its own protective screen against the negative effects of the sun.

The TANNING OIL consists of 100% natural oils with a sun-protective and nourishing effect. The fine composition of black sesame oil, walnut oil, hemp oil, sea buckthorn oil, carancha oil and annatto protects your skin naturally with a SPF 6 and above. ONLINE SHOP

The PROTECT CREAM protects your skin with SPF 30. pure Aloe Vera raw organic juice instead of water, annatto, Avellana oil, sea buckthorn pulp, Ectoin microorganisms, wild rose oil, magnolia bark, black sesame oil and oryzan oil (rice-germ oil) work together intelligently and protect your skin from sun-induced pigment spots and wrinkles, provide intensive moisture and are strongly anti-oxidative. Zinc oxide provides the legally verifiable sun protection factor SPF 30. ONLINE SHOP

The Q FOOD is our edible sun screen. A natural, smart foodstuff. 100% pure and without additives. Carefully processed whole fruits, berries, seeds and leaves with high light energy (biophotons) and a unique nutrient spectrum combine to form powerful antioxidants. Enabling your body to effectively protect itself from within. ONLINE SHOP


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