The Biophilia Effect


“Plants are nature’s memory”

Margot Esser-Greineder on the biophilia effect in products and treatments:
“Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a forest, the sun is shining through the treetops and the wind is gently caressing your skin. Do you notice how your everyday worries just seem to melt away and how free you feel? Notice how stress and tension flow out of you. With each breath, you inhale an infinite amount of oxygen and intense light energy. You can immediately experience how the healing bond between people and nature affects you and how it touches you.”


The psychoanalyst and philosopher Erich Fromm described biophily as a passionate love for life and for all living creatures, as our deep yearning for nature. PHARMOS NATUR enables you to experience the tangible result of the biophilia effect on beauty, health and well-being in natural products and in treatments with fresh plants. Experience care and touch at all levels with the philosophy of SACRED PLANTS, selected healing and rejuvenative plants.



Healing Effect of the Forest and Nature

In a forest setting, we experience the unity of body, mind and soul. The rustling and whispering of the forest purifies and invigorates our entire energy field. Our senses are freed from stressful energy, tension, worries and fears. At the physical level, we inhale oxygen. A sense of wellbeing fills us. Scientists have shown that a two-hour walk in a forest increases the number of our T-killer cells by up to 50%.

(Source: Clemens G. Arvay – Der Biophilia-Effekt)


Biophilia Effect – the Bridge from Nature to Products and Treatments

The basis of our work and our whole existence is to raise awareness of how nature can lead us with a holistic perspective in products and treatments to a new balance. We do everything in our power to preserve the entire network of plants. We do not isolate individual substances or add water to our products, and we avoid alcohol. The wonderful result of our efforts is evident in our natural products made from healing and rejuvenative plants, from SACRED PLANTS, with a complete network of active substances. The light energy that the plants absorb is also incorporated into our products. Conscious nutrition can support our health and attentive beauty care can slow down our ageing process. We awaken and strengthen awareness with our products and treatments.


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