SUN HARMONY - 100% natural sun protection from INSIDE & OUT


Natural sun protection in harmony with the sun!

Margot Esser-Greineder 



Natural sun protection in harmony with the sun

“I am utterly convinced of this: nature has plants and fruits to help us live in harmony with the sun. We can use their positive aspects and still be protected. Finding these plants was my greatest wish.” Margot Esser-Greineder
We love the sun’s healing rays for our bodies, minds and souls, but it is important to know when enough is enough. How do you tell? When the sun begins to leach energy from you, when your skin and body start to dehydrate, when vitality gives way to fatigue. We all know this: too much sun triggers any number of oxidative processes in the body.
Free radicals damage the skin and the tissues, accelerating the ageing process. Wrinkles, pigment- and age-spots all make the skin look older. Protection from the sun is essential. It staves off sunburn and prevents unnecessary skin ageing, allowing us to enjoy nature, leisure and sport.







We found the solution with the Achuar in the rain forest of Ecuador

A research trip to visit the indigenous peoples in Ecuador’s Amazon region in 2014 gave us the breakthrough. Whilst staying as a guest with the Achuar tribe, we experienced the magic of the rainforest. Medicinal plants were the focus of our interest and the tribal elder initiated us into many mysteries of their healing rituals and use of plants. Before our excursions into the rainforest, the tribal elder told us to apply sun protection. We had deliberately not brought any products from Europe; rather, we were absolutely convinced that we would learn something important from the locals. After all, they need protection too. And this proved true! He carefully painted signs on our faces, which called on the spirits of the rain forest to protect us: “We come with peaceful intent. We do not want to fell trees or to plunder.” Then we received the juice of red seeds to rub into our faces, hands and arms. How astonished we were! We were in the sun with the indigenous people all day. We spent hours in a dugout canoe travelling up the Amazon – water boosts ultraviolet radiation by reflecting sunlight. By evening we found not even a hint of sun irritation on our skin. Amazing. We were thrilled: a 100% natural sunscreen! We had experienced the fascinating protective power of annatto.


“We have developed 3 unique sun protection products. They protect from INSIDE & OUT. We have transformed our quintessential sun protection experience with annatto into a modern, up-to-date sunscreen that nurtures your skin, just for you.”

Margot Esser-Greineder



The gift of the Achuar people!
They have shared all their knowledge with us.


PHARMOS NATUR is helping to preserve their territory in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, ensuring that their age-old knowledge is not lost.


Natural sun protection from INSIDE & OUT – in harmony with the sun
In SUN HARMONY, our sun protection range, we blend the comprehensive protection of ANNATTO into 3 unique products – holistic sun protection from inside and out, just for you. Apply our TANNING OIL or PROTECT CREAM externally and ANNATTO will conjure up an immediate protective tan on your skin and prevent premature ageing. Taking our Q FOOD internally will inspire the whole organism to build up its own protective shield against the sun’s negative effects. We have complemented our key plants, ALOE VERA and ANNATTO, with other precious healing and rejuvenative plants from all over the world, all of which also protect against the sun’s rays. Each of these potent plants also boosts the others’ nourishing, protective effects in perfect symbiosis.
We process the plants carefully by hand and observe special holistic energy principles: the relevant phase of the moon, a 28-day rhythm, the preservation of the plants’ vital energy and intensive light energy (biophotons). They are then gently processed in Germany with state-of-the-art technology and stored in glass containers to ensure their quality. 


SUN HARMONY contains 100% natural and holistic ingredients. It goes without saying that all our key plants are certified organic and grown in ecologically mixed cultivation. Our cosmetic products are certified by NCS and Eco Control in line with the Natural Cosmetics Regulation, and our edible sunscreen is a certified organic foodstuff. All products are fragrance-free. We do not use hormone-like substances, PEGs or nanoparticles, nor preservatives such as alcohol, citric acid, parabens and phenoxyethanol. 




Q Food is a smart foodstuff and a natural, edible sunscreen, 100% pure with no additives. Carefully dried and gently processed whole fruits, berries, seeds and leaves with high light energy (biophotons) and a unique spectrum of nutrients join forces to create powerful antioxidants.

Q Food also boosts light energy (biophotons) in the cells, which protects us against sun radiation from the inside. These smart plants strengthen the body, activate the immune system and fight off free radicals. Melanin production is stimulated from the inside. The skin tans, and as a result, the body begins to produce its own, natural, sun protection.

Annatto, acai, acerola cherries, blueberries, rosehips, hemp, cocoa and blackcurrants. Q FOOD contains plants that replicate the entire light and colour spectrum: red-orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. We know that each colour in Q Food acts in its own valuable way on our physiology, energising glands, organs and nerve centres. 



100 % pure oils from natural medicinal and rejuvenative plants

Pure black sesame oil, walnut oil from the inner kernel (not the shell), hemp oil, sea buckthorn oil, carancha oil and annatto synergise and work in partnership to provide a boost. They give you pure, unadulterated natural protection from the sun. This active network of pure plants strengthens your skin. Melanin production in the cells is activated, producing a natural tan from the inside out. This is how your body protects itself against UV radiation, with great effect. The antioxidative power of pure plant oils strengthens the skin’s cellular structure and fights off free radicals, pampering your skin with all-embracing nutrients at the same time. 

Your skin is protected, balanced and nurtured and the formation of vitamin D and serotonin, the happiness hormone, is boosted.


LSF 30

SUN HARMONY Protect Cream is a superb, wholesome sun protection that moisturises and boosts antioxidant protection, fights off free radicals and prevents sun-related pigment spots and wrinkles. 

100% pure Aloe Vera raw organic juice instead of water, annatto, sea buckthorn fruit, ectoine-rich micro-organisms, wild rose oil, magnolia bark, black sesame oil, oryza oil (rice-germ oil) interact to boost their protective effect against the sun. The legally verifiable sun protection factor SPF 30 is provided by zinc oxide.


SUN HARMONY – sunscreen with holistic sun protection factor

Using particularly gentle and spiritually mindful processing procedures, we keep the integrity of the plants and do not isolate any active ingredients. This retains the spirit of the precious plants, which can then act smartly. With the help of physical and spiritual testing procedures with special energy, we discover which plants complement each other harmoniously and work together to boost their protective effect against the sun.
The symbiosis of holistic plant oil in SUN HARMONY stimulates your skin to protect itself intelligently. Our experience shows that it outperforms the legally verifiable sun protection factor. Legislation is not yet oriented towards holistic measurement methods so the protective effect of plant oils is not measured. We would be delighted if you could amass your own experiences: tell us about your observations of our SUN HARMONY, holistic sun protection from inside and out!
Mindfulness of your own body is important: for how long is sunbathing really pleasant? When do the rays begin to tire my body? Take care of yourself and enjoy the sun in beneficial doses.


Ecology and sustainability.

SUN HARMONY is recyclable.
A conscious decision for glass packaging.

The precious cream is contained in vacuum packaging in a food-certified polyethylene bag, which is fully recyclable including the seal. Thanks to this bag, the cream can be used right down to the very last drop. The outer container is made of glass, meaning that no substances can penetrate the product through the PE bag. When the receptacle is empty, you can detach the bag from the glass container for optimal waste separation. The precious oil is well protected in a 60 ml jar with dispenser. This product packaging is also fully recyclable, as is the brown glass powder packaging.


SUN HARMONY protects marine life.

60 % of the oxygen in our atmosphere is produced by plankton which, at the same time, also metabolises 70 % of the carbon dioxide. Conventional sun protection cosmetics often contain the hormone-like substance oxybenzone as a chemical UVA/UVB filter. Oxybenzone does not dissolve in sea water but attaches to nanoplastic particles, causing them to increase in size. Plankton then treat them as food.

Approximately 6,000 tons of sunscreen are washed into fresh water and end up in the sea, where this toxicity is unleashed. This is a significant contributing factor to plankton death.

Developing and making sun protection products that help people, protect the environment and promote peace is important to us.

SUN HARMONY is based on 100% natural and holistic substances. All our products are free of hormone-like substances, PEGs, nanoparticles, triclosan and oxybenzone, nor do we use preservatives such as alcohol, citric acid, parabens and phenoxyethanol. It goes without saying that all our key plants are certified organic. They are grown in environmentally valuable mixed cultures and harvested by spiritually aware smallholders.

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