Plants can work real wonders


“To experience the perfection of nature with products and in treatments is “green luxury” for us. The precious plants and fruits that have proven themselves in the traditional advanced civilisations of our world are very close to our hearts in our genuine appreciation of humanity and nature.”

Margot Esser, Company Founder

How it feels when your personal life is turned completely upside down is something I myself experienced a few years ago.

During a trip overseas, I was involved in an accident and suffered burns on my face and upper body. I was extremely fortunate that naturopaths treated me for an extended period with specially selected plants. I was completely overwhelmed when I experienced how my skin regenerated under the healing effect of these precious plants combined with caring and attentive touch. I witnessed how they strengthened my body and opened my heart and eyes to the diversity of nature and people.

From my professional career in the pharmaceutical industry, my path now led me directly into a new world. This was the world of unique plants, with their incredible spectrum of natural active substances and their enormous vitality, and into a new world of holistic treatments. This path has determined my life ever since.

It is because this crucial experience and the subsequent years of research and development work gave me the strength and courage to start my own business. For more than 30 years now, we have been passionate about this exciting challenge for your beauty and well-being as we want to ensure that you can enjoy life with all your senses.

Discover the world of PHARMOS NATUR GREEN LUXURY.

Yours sincerely Margot Esser

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