Plant Potency Rich in Active Substances and with High Light Energy


Nature shows its lasting effect in our ANTI-STRESS SERUM. It gives you a silky, shimmering skin with a high level of elasticity and luminosity. Rich plant power supports the skin in regenerating itself and releasing stress. You feel both liberated and well protected.


Complex antioxidants repel free radicals which are formed in particular in stressful situations. At the same time, antioxidants counteract a premature ageing process.

Hand-picked St. John’s wort blossoms infuse skin with light and transform it into nerve power for skin and soul. The nervous system is stabilised. This ensures optimum care for you in stress situations.

Hand-picked black sesame seeds promote resilience, suppleness and balance in your skin, which is supplied extensively with a holistic network of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamins B & E, and valuable proteins with essential amino acids.

Exquisite rare oils make the SERUM unique: Rosa Bourbonia (rose oil) envelops, soothes, harmonises and provides satisfaction. Citrus Paradisi (grapefruit oil) infuses the skin with light energy. Incense provides a sense of security and inner stability and connects us with the “higher” aspects of life. Styrax tonkinensis and Ylang-ylang make you aware of your own sensuality and thus strengthen your self-confidence. Camellia oil smooths and introduces all active substances into the skin in the exact place where they can take full effect.



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