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Why natural sunscreen is so vital for nature, for the environment and for us

Why natural sunscreen is so vital for nature, for the environment and for us

Conventional sunscreens destroy marine life and damage your health
Our delicate marine ecosystem and our health are both endangered. Experts have been warning about the environmentally damaging substances in sunscreens for a long time now. Scientists surmise that the substances contained in chemical UVA/UVB filters, such as oxybenzone or octocrylene, are absorbed by our bodies, where they act like hormones. This affects natural body processes, which may lead to a wide range of health problems: infertility, low sperm quality, hormone-related cancers and much more. 
The extent of marine pollution is demonstrated by the disastrous condition of our underwater worlds: living organisms such as corals are bleaching and becoming underwater deserts. The gender development of some fish species is changing and many species are dying out. 
According to the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, every year thousands of tonnes of sunscreen end up in coral reefs, where they damage marine life. 
The first countries reacted with bans on the use of hormone-containing sunscreens: for example, Yucatan (Mexico), to be followed by Hawaii and the Caribbean islands of Bonaire or Palau. Yousong Ding, of the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Florida, confirms: “Because people wear sunscreen, they bring up to 14,000 tonnes into the ocean, every year. The problem is that sunscreen is very toxic to marine fish, coral reefs and other marine life.”

Important facts: 60% of oxygen – no oxygen, no life – in our atmosphere is produced by marine plankton. At the same time, it converts 70% of carbon dioxide. The hormone-like substances from conventional sunscreens, such as oxybenzone, do not dissolve in water, but attach themselves to nano plastic particles, which then grow larger and larger and are treated as food by plankton, the life-blood of the see, that then dies off, with dramatic consequences for humans, nature and the environment.
As early as 2008, biologist Dominik Kaiser, of the renowned Goethe University Frankfurt, drew our attention to “the negative consequences of chemical filter substances. The chemical UV filters in most sunscreens affect the endocrine system and, in this way, the reproduction of marine life.”

There are alternatives: the skincare range SUN HARMONY

SUN HARMONY is a 100% natural sunscreen made of SACRED PLANTS, unique healing and rejuvenative plants.
NO: nanoparticles, hormone-like substances, parabens or phenoxyethanol, alcohol or citric acid as a preservative. Certified natural cosmetics.
Pioneer Margot Esser-Greineder, founder of PHARMOS NATUR, knows with heart and soul that “plants develop their own sunscreen, to protect themselves from harmful UV radiation. Then there are plants that produce a natural sunscreen to boost the body’s own protective mechanism and are also gentle and protective. Absolutely no nasty chemicals. Like our edible sun protection and two sunscreen products in the SUN HARMONY product range, that act to protect and nourish. I experienced this for myself on an expedition through the Amazonian rainforest with the Achuar tribe.”

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