Perfect Care for Demanding Winter Skin


During colder seasons, our skin is particularly demanding. That is why we should take special care of it in winter.

When it is icy and cold outside, your skin needs special attention. Healthy skin has a perfect protective function. This “oilskin” protects the skin from drying out and prevents the penetration of bacteria.

At below 8 degrees Celsius, our sebaceous glands go on strike, and our skin produces less or even no natural protective fats. As a result, our skin loses moisture and becomes dry, flaky, and reddened, and even itching and inflammation can occur. In addition, the humidity in heated rooms is usually very low and our skin dries even more. Plants know how to combat it. They use effective strategies perfectly naturally to protect themselves from cold temperatures and dryness. Selected lipids in combination with sufficient moisture protect the skin and help it to regenerate naturally. Pure plant potency with an incredible wealth of active substances gives you beautiful healthy skin in winter.



Moisturising gels and light creams should remain in your bathroom cabinet during the winter. To protect against wind and cold and to support your skin in its natural function, rich creams with a high-fat content are now just the thing you need. High-quality plant oils and natural waxes ensure a protective film in cold weather, resulting in improved retention of moisture. Pure Aloe Vera raw organic juice, instead of water, contributes additional moisture in all our products and ensures that all active substances are transported to where they are needed.


Rose Cream

Our rose cream provides nutrient-rich, intensive care for day and night. It pampers challenging, dry, mature and weather-damaged skin. Organic Aloe Vera in combination with real rose oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil and cocoa butter supply new moisture and provide the skin with lipids. The skin texture is harmonised and the formation of wrinkles is prevented. The precious, delicate scent of roses harmonises the body, mind and soul. This cream provides ideal protection against the cold during all outdoor activities.





Care Balm

Thanks to its complex repair system, Bio Aloe Vera promotes the natural regeneration of cells and supplies the skin with a lot of moisture. Dry, sensitive skin is optimally nourished and freshened. The epidermis is smoothed, while fine-pored and demanding skin is harmonised. Lines and wrinkles are reduced.

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Love Your Age Power Cream

Ein ganzheitliches Wirkstoffnetz besonderer Heil- und Verjüngungspflanzen mit hoher Lichtenergie und intensiver Schwingung regeneriert die Haut bis tief in die Zellen. Das kollagene und elastine Bindegewebe wird gestärkt, die Faltentiefe verringert und das Nervensystem harmonisiert. Reparaturvorgänge werden vorgenommen und Entzündungsreaktionen gehen zurück. Der Alterungsprozess der Haut verlangsamt sich. Die Haut erhält neue Power und erscheint jugendlich frisch.

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Love Your Age body cream

Die intensive Pflege mit Tiefenwirkung für eine seidig glatte Haut am ganzen Körper. Bio Aloe Vera liefert einen rein pflanzlichen Repairkomplex und spendet intensive Feuchtigkeit. Natürliches Vitamin B12 schützt die Haut vor freien Radikalen, wirkt beruhigend und entzündungs-hemmend.Magnolienextrakt hemmt den Alterungsprozess der Haut. Energiestauungen im Bindegewebe werden gelöst, neue Energie kann fließen und neue Lebenskraft und Vitalität werden geweckt. Trotz täglicher Kälte und Heizungs-luft kann sich Ihre Haut bis tief in die Zellen regenerieren und beruhigen. Ideal bei Cellulite.

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Reinigt die Haut besonders mild und schützt sie vor dem Austrocknen. Mit rein pflanzlichen Wirkstoffen werden Make-Up und Schmutz-partikel abgereinigt. Die Haut wird porentief gereinigt und kann sich regenerieren. Aloe Vera, Olive und grüner Tee wehren freie Radikale ab und schenken der Haut bereits bei der Reinigung viel Feuchtigkeit und pflegende Wirkstoffe. Unterstützt den natürlichen Hydrolipidfilm der Haut und wirkt beruhigend bei geröteter oder emfpindlicher Haut. Eine sanfte Revolution für die natürliche Gesichtsreinigung.

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Skin Oils and Serums

These oils and serums are an ideal supplement to skincare cream in winter. On very cold days, they provide even better protection. Apply a few drops of oil to your skin before your skincare cream and massage it in gently. You can also concentrate specifically on particularly dry spots.








Cell Vital Aroma Care Rose

This cream soothes your skin and harmonises it. Rose orients the soul and has a harmonising effect. The skin is supplied with valuable lipids from black sesame seed oil and collagen and elastin production is stimulated.


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Anti-Stress Serum

This serum provides perfect cellular and light nutrition for both the skin and soul. It gives the skin new elasticity and luminosity, regenerates and strengthens it. Nature shows a lasting effect in the ANTI-STRESS SERUM. The silky oil serum regenerates and soothes stressed skin and prevents irritation. Rich plant power supports the skin in regenerating itself and releasing stress. Complex antioxidants repel free radicals while preventing premature aging.

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Chapped Lips and Torn Cuticles

We offer intensive lip care with a natural lip repair complex. Our blend of Aloe Vera, pure sesame, avocado oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and real rose oil ensures that the regeneration of damaged, chapped and cracked lips is visible and tangible. Unlike with lip care with a high water content, the valuable and oily active substances display lasting care and effect. Wrinkles around the lips are visibly reduced. Chapped lips become soft as velvet, leaving you with an absolute sense of well-being for your lips and senses.

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Cell power rich in protein and nutrients from macerated black sesame seeds nourishes the skin and tissue. Sulphurous amino acids in particular are important for healthy and beautiful skin, for beautiful hair and strong nails. During colder seasons, Sesamkraft supplies the entire organism with a holistic network of minerals, calcium and magnesium and promotes physical fitness, provides new energy and a healthy immune system.


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