Our 28 day DETOX Special!


Welcome to our 4 week DETOX home-treatment.

Start your 28 day treatment with us now and open a new DETOX tip in our calendar every day.


Do you want to get your body fit for spring?

It's time again for deep cleansing? We want to make it easy for you!
•    Our DETOX sets are specially tailored to your needs. We provide the perfect products for your successful and effective treatment.
•    Our DETOX calendar will provide support and inspiration. Every day you will find new tips for your diet, great videos with ideas for well-being not to mention fascinating information regarding DETOX — all paving the way for a real fun treatment!
•    Do you want to share your experiences? Then just comment on our Facebook posts and take inspiration from contributions made by others :)

We wish you lots of fun with your DETOX — for a wonderful start into spring!



Your body is a miracle of nature:

There are more than 100,000 billion active in your body. Every day 600 billion used cells die and every day, just as many new cells are formed to keep the whole life process going. Cells and blood are constantly renewed. Every five days your body creates a new gastrointestinal mucosa, every few weeks a new liver, every month a new skin.

Each cell of your body is busy eliminating what has been used and removing what is detrimental and no longer fulfils its task. Repairing, rebuilding and conditioning to ensure a smooth and trouble-free process. Each cell carries a high degree of responsibility for your body. Silently and effortlessly, this gigantic task is accomplished day after day, directed by the invisible intelligence of creative energy.

We are convinced: Health, vitality, joie de vivre and beauty are all dependent on inner balance.


But why detox?

Poor nutrition, stress, worries and anxieties cause waste production in the body to reach high levels, meaning that the body no longer manages to eliminate everything it does not require.
Deposits of waste products then accumulate in the tissues and prepare the ground for the development of possible future illnesses. Constant overload not only puts strain on all your body's organs, but also on the psyche. The energy necessary for the digestive and excretory organs is used to manage stress. As a result, deposits in the digestive tract continue to increase and lead to new waste products. Toxins develop and poison the environment. It is important to counteract this and support the body to regularly dispose of its waste products.

With a targeted detox treatment, you can support your body and each of your cells so that they can free themselves from unnecessary load and harmful waste products.

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