Open, Sesame!


About the special sesame plant

In ancient myths and fables, “Open, Sesame!” is the magical formula for great riches. Interestingly, modern naturopathic knowledge confirms this antique lore. Sesame is rich in nutrients which both maintain and restore health.



The sesame plant grows to approximately 1-3 metres in height, has long, tapered green leaves and forms capsules, which burst open when ripe and spray tiny sesame seeds into the surrounding area. The saying “Open, Sesame! Give up your treasure!” also originates from this fact. A thousand sesame seeds weigh between 2 and 6 grams depending on variety and growing region. The darker varieties have the most aromatic flavour and are the most valuable due to the composition of their ingredients.



Black sesame is cultivated in the Himalayan region of Nepal in particular. It is the oldest form of sesame plant and contains valuable amino acids, high-grade protein and a wealth of vital nutrients that fully nourish our 100 billion cells. Our black sesame is cultivated exclusively by smallholders in mixed culture and is macerated gently and without heat to produce our SESAMKRAFT®, so we can guarantee that the valuable network of active ingredients is fully preserved.

Depending on the variety, the tiny seeds are white, beige, brown or black. The seeds have a fat content of around 50%, consisting primarily of unsaturated fatty acids. Sesame is one of the oldest oilseed crops; a papyrus from as long ago as 1150 BC mentions sesame as a medicinal plant. In India, sesame oil is used to produce body ointments, soaps and cosmetics, and naturally it also plays a major role in Ayurveda. However, sesame is not just used externally, it is also a staple food in Arab countries, in China and in Asia.



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