Nature that works


Its incomparable deep action thanks to 100% Aloe Vera raw organic juice instead of water means that, unlike water, it does not remain on the skin’s surface, but transports valuable plant nutrients deep within the cell. Repair processes are performed there and tissue is unblocked.


Did you know that 60-80% of almost all cosmetic products, whether natural cosmetics or conventional cosmetics, consists of filtered water?

PHARMOS NATUR cosmetics are different.



Our special Aloe Vera, from Ecuador and Yucatan, is blessed with an incredible wealth of active substances and forms the basis of our cosmetics. The skin absorbs the Aloe Vera gel completely due to its special viscosity and unique repair complex, while also absorbing all active substances of the precious healing and rejuvenative plants. The effect on your skin is visible and tangible.


Our Aloe Vera plants thrive in mixed cultivation in the fertile, healthy soil of Ecuador and Mexico. During the growing season, a uniformly warm, humid climate and this region’s special energy enable the development of a particularly viscous juice in which the rich active substances accumulate.

Smallholders meticulously and lovingly tend and cultivate the plants without nasty chemicals. Our cultivation areas are organically certified.

The precious juice is carefully pressed from the leaves by hand, meaning that PHARMOS NATUR can ensure that no leaf rind is used. Sophisticated technology is then used to process the pure Aloe Vera plant gel in Germany following PHARMOS NATUR’s own methods.

The production of 1 litre of our Aloe Vera Raw Organic Juice costs as much as 5,000 litres of water.

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