Liquid gold frankincense


The top-quality liquid gold is carefully harvested as dried resin



Everybody loves gifts. They sustain friendships and delight the family and all the other people we love. The idea of liquid gold will rapidly stimulate the imaginations of many people. So: what is liquid gold then?

Hard to believe, but true: frankincense. The resin of the frankincense tree is popularly known as “liquid gold” – yes, the scent of Christmas grows on trees! It forms from the viscous resin that drips from the real frankincense tree.

The entrancing scent of frankincense diffuses when these drops fall on glowing charcoal, bringing back memories of childhood. This joyfully anticipates Christmas and the feelings of security that surround you like a hug, allowing you to rediscover your roots.


A wonderful gift from the East – frankincense from Oman

PHARMOS NATUR obtains the healing resin from Oman, where boswellia sacra grows – the holy frankincense tree. The top-quality liquid gold is carefully harvested as dried resin. Since time immemorial, frankincense has been considered the noblest of substances and has long formed the basis for many cross-cultural energy rituals.

What you should know: for a good, pleasant and energy-rich fragrance to develop, like that of frankincense, boswellia sacra, from Oman, it must be the highest quality. In Oman it is called Howjar, after the Al-Hojari area. It has an incredibly beautiful transparent green shimmer.


The ambience that unites

Creating a special world with exceptional, fragrant nuances at Christmas is the purest happiness. Holy frankincense, from Oman, a land of wonders, unites the modern with the traditional. Liquid gold for burning to cleanse the energy of rooms and spaces – a sweet-smelling gift for heart and soul, bringing the right Christmas vibes. Create energy-rich potency at home.

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