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“There are things in heaven and earth that we
cannot see or measure, but we can definitely sense
them. That is when we talk about energy,
vibrations or spirituality.”

Margot Esser-Greineder


In harmony with cosmic rhythms

Nature is the expression of the power of creation. Human beings are part of nature and are directly connected to
this power. In a special way, plants contribute to connecting human energy with our bodies, our souls and our spiritual origins. They can create a balance between these polarities and thus unleash a wonderful sense of well-being. The plants that act so miraculously in PHARMOS NATUR products on your skin, senses and soul are grown,
harvested and processed in harmony with cosmic principles and nature’s rhythms. What does that mean? By growing our plants in the world’s most energy-rich places, we have learned a great deal about the laws of the cosmos. If we respect plants and used them with clear intent, they will act on human bodies, souls and spirits and contribute to greater awareness. For nature and humanity!


Fair Trade Partnership with Smallholders

For many years, the PHARMOS NATUR SACRED PLANTS have been lovingly cultivated in an organically-certified mixed cultivation by small farmers in the most fertile soils in the most energy-rich places in the world. These farmers meticulously tend the plants in a rigorously ecological manner without nasty chemicals. Under optimum conditions in terms of climate, humidity and soil quality, the plants grow and develop their characteristically high concentration of active substances. This work gives the farmers the independence to take full responsibility for themselves and their families.

Our Aloe Vera plants thrive in splendid mixed cultivation in the fertile, healthy soil of Ecuador and Mexico. During the growing season, a uniformly warm, humid climate and this region’s special energy enable the development of a particularly viscous juice in which the rich active substances accumulate.

Smallholders in Mexico and Ecuador meticulously and lovingly tend and cultivate the plants without nasty chemicals. Our cultivation areas are organically certified. The precious juice is carefully pressed from the leaves by hand, meaning that PHARMOS NATUR can ensure that no leaf rind is used. Sophisticated technology is used to process the pure Aloe Vera plant gel in Germany following PHARMOS NATUR’s own methods.


Green Luxury. The precious power of plants

Literally translated from Latin, luxury originally meant “abundant fertility”. For PHARMOS NATUR, this means: to the origin, to wholeness, to plant potency. For us, luxury, in this green context, is a very characteristic word denoting a real appreciation of nature, of Mother Earth, of all that lives. For us, Green Luxury means esteem for the whole plant, for its active substances, its intensive light energy, its high vibrations, throughout the entire process of cultivation, harvesting and processing. Everything comes together to form a whole, and if this whole is preserved and respected, it endows everything involved – the earth, plants and people – with power and tangible well-being.
PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury sees itself, just like nature, as a living system with a unique sensory alignment, with people and nature at its heart.

Certified. No critical additives
All our starring plants are certified organic. Our cosmetic products are certified in line with the Natural Cosmetics Regulation by NCS and Eco-Control. All our products are free from hormone-like substances, PEGs and microplastics. In addition, PHARMOS NATUR does not use alcohol, citric acid, parabens and phenoxyethanol as preservatives.

What makes the difference

Our packaging. Ecological, sustainable, holistic.

PHARMOS NATUR’s packaging design has been developed in line with eco-design principles:
• Highest product protection
• Recyclable
• Ecological and sustainable

All products are made and bottled in Germany. The containers are made of glass to prevent external substances from contaminating the products. The precious creams are protected by vacuum packaging in a food-certified polyethylene bag, which is fully recyclable including the seal. This means that you can use all the cream, right down to the very last drop. When the pot is empty, the bag and jar can be pulled apart for optimal waste separation. The precious oils are well protected in glass bottles with dispensers that are also fully recyclable.


Holistic & Healthy Food


Geomancy. Everything is energy

The meaning of the word ‘cosmetics’ is derived from the Greek word cosmos. And that means order, harmony, in the universe. We humans are part of this great whole, the connection between the earth and the cosmos. Our organisms, too, work only as a whole; there are no isolated processes. Everything is connected to everything else. That is why we do not isolate any substances from our plants: they too are living beings that are only effective when whole, with their network of active substances, their light energy, biophotons and high vibration.


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