Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world

Hemp and hemp oil
According to Indian tradition, hemp was a gift from the god Shiva, to bring people enlightenment. Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Hemp oil, extracted from the seeds, is one of the healthiest oils, internally and externally, as PHARMOS NATUR wonderfully demonstrates.



Common or true hemp – Cannabis sativa 

The hemp plant probably originated in Central Asia. Hemp probably came to Europe from China via ancient India and East Asia.

Hemp – description
Hemp, with its many uses, is a synanthropic plant, meaning it has been associated with humans across the world in many areas and in many states of mind since time immemorial. It belongs to the hemp family with the botanical name Cannabaceae and is a hemp cannabis species. The hand-shaped leaves with their long fingers are characteristic of this annual hemp plant, which can easily grow up to two metres tall. 
People have known about delicious, nutritious hemp seeds, healthy hemp oil and the indestructible hemp stalk fibres for over 10,000 years. PHARMOS NATUR is excited to be making use of this knowledge.

Hemp – how it works and how it is used
Hemp oil is a universal cure-all, cosmetic, natural raw material for clothing and protector against evil spirits. Gutenberg even printed his famous Bible on hemp paper.
Hemp oil, from the seeds of the hemp plant, was used as a lamp oil, a cooking oil and a cosmetic oil – PHARMOS NATUR uses it this way too. Clothing, ropes and sails were made from its fibres, and the flowers and the seeds were used for healing. In the year 2737 BCE, the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung described hemp in a medical treatise as a “remedy for rheumatism, malaria, neurodermatitis and other ailments.” 
The oil extracted from hemp seeds boosts the skin’s natural protective barrier. Hemp oil thus prevents bacteria and other environmental harmful substances from penetrating the skin, as well as keeping it moisturised. This improves the supply of oil to the topmost skin layer and regulates the flow of sebum. Carotenoids boost the skin’s natural self-tanning, proved by PHARMOS NATUR in our SUN HARMONY sunscreen. Vitamin E has an anti-oxidative effect and prevents premature cell ageing. Hemp oil, along with various other plant substances, such as chlorophylls and vitamins, consists largely of fatty acids (of which over 70% are unsaturated). Everything in the right proportions. Hemp oil is an all-round talent.

Hemp – traditional uses 
For centuries hemp has been considered a special herb that releases blockages and allows energies to flow again. It draws harmful substances out of the body and relieves pain, as well as acting against coughs, colic and flatulence. Folk healers took hemp seeds as a mild hypnotic and narcotic.

Spiritual uses
For millennia, hemp has been the intermediary supporting people on their long quest for knowledge. This is why hemp was so highly valued in our climes, where it was treated almost reverently. It is also reported that hemp was successfully “consulted” as a love oracle in the British Isles, for example on Valentine’s Day or at Halloween. Many indigenous peoples treasured the precious seeds because they symbolised fertility, growth and prosperity. 
Since ancient times, hemp has been used to inspire the imagination and achieve enlightenment. This is taught by many different religions, including Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and in particular Shivaism: the disciples of the god Shiva, the god of ecstasy and rapture, honoured him by constantly smoking cannabis. 


Q FOOD. Edible sun protection. Antioxidant powder
Q Food is a holistic foodstuff. Natural and edible, it protects against the sun’s radiation. One hundred percent pure, with no additives. 
The holistically preserved plants, such as the precious hemp, annatto, acai, acerola, blueberries, rosehips, cocoa and blackcurrants, with their constituent ingredients and choice energies, deploy their palpably gentle and delicate potency in Q Food, the edible sun protection. A unique sun protection that protects from the inside. 


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