Healthy skincare in autumn with organic natural cosmetics


Healthy skincare in autumn with organic natural cosmetics

For healthy skincare in autumn, there are three essential elements: your age, the time of day and above all, time of year. We all want to know exactly what our skin needs at any given time, so we can care for it properly. With organic natural cosmetics by Pharmos Natur, you can remain perfectly in tune with the skin’s seasonal rhythm.

In autumn, time begins to slow down, allowing us to enjoy the last of the summer. After summer sun, the skin looks forward to relaxing care, to being strengthened and prepared for autumn. This means replenishing the skin’s moisture deposits with organic Aloe Vera and also retaining your summer tan for a little longer. With our Love Your Age Repair Balm for face and décolletage and Love Your Age Eye Contour Cream for the eyes, switching from natural care in summer to healthy skincare in autumn is child’s play.


Nature that works

One fundamental tip for an attractive appearance that will also effectively boost regeneration and cell communication from the inside: drink Pharmos Natur’s completely preservative-free 100% Aloe Vera raw organic juice. It supplies the cells with moisture and is particularly good for dry, irritated skin.


The skin notices everything

There are so many signals that we do not detect consciously, but our skin notices everything. That’s why healthy skincare tailored to the different seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter is so important. Our skin is most active when it creates a biological equilibrium between the body’s interior and the outside world. “Specialized” sensory cells register cold, warmth, pressure, touch, pain and much more besides.

This has an immediate effect on skin texture: do we look good, or is something missing from the skin?



The best care tips for healthy skin in autumn

Face, eyes and décolletage all need a great deal of both attention and moisture at this time of year. When the season becomes cooler and the weather more changeable, the heating goes on inside. Low temperatures and rain outdoors, and dry heated air indoors, put great stress on the skin, which now needs healthy skincare with lots of moisture. From the state of your skin, it is instantly obvious whether the 300 million skin cells are regulating the moisture budget, stimulating enzyme activity and activating the cells’ energy metabolism, and indeed how well they do this. If everything is functioning smoothly, you skin will look beautiful and healthy.


Aloe Vera raw organic juice instead of water from Pharmos Natur

PHARMOS NATUR has, quite naturally, accepted all these challenges. Our special Aloe Vera raw organic juice instead of water, with its wealth of active substances, is the sole base for all our organic natural cosmetic products.

Our uplifting Eye Contour Cream with additional healing and rejuvenative plants | Sacred Plants is rich in active substances and visibly stimulates cell renewal in the sensitive skin around the eyes, acting in this way against premature skin ageing. The delicate skin is smoothed and toned in the gentlest of ways. Buy LOVE YOUR AGE Eye Contour Cream online now.

In our facial Repair Balm, organic Aloe Vera, precious argan oil and hyaluronan act on all the skin’s layers. The causes of skin ageing in the dermis and epidermis can only be treated by this sort of intelligent interconnectedness. The efficacious connection strengthens the dermis, the skin’s structure, giving it greater resilience and elasticity. At the same time, it restructures the epidermis, leaving the skin smooth, toned and rosy, particularly important when summer becomes autumn. In addition, LOVE YOUR AGE Repair Balm protects actively and visibly against skin irritations. Buy LOVE YOUR AGE Repair Balm online now.

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