Forward thinking Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V.


Schülerhilfe für Nepal e. V. is currently building and financing ten schools

Nepal’s educational infrastructure is expanded further with a modern vocational school in Bhaktapur

For a better, brighter future, education is key. Schülerhilfe für Nepal e. V. is currently building and financing ten schools, many of them in Nepal’s more remote areas, thanks to the tireless efforts of Jörg Bahr, Chief Executive, financial assistance from Rotary Clubs and support from the Alpenblick Restaurant in Uffing, Bavaria, and PHARMOS NATUR in Bernried. The first vocational school is a decisive next step.

One of the world’s poorest countries, Nepal is still suffering from the consequences of the major earthquake in 2015. Countless people lost their homes and with them, their futures. What is more, reconstructing the country is taking a lot of time. Skilled workers who could assist are needed now more than ever, so another vocational school is crucial.


The “Nepal Vocational Academy”, a modern vocational school

With the completion of the first, state-of-the-art vocational school in Bhaktapur, Schülerhilfe Nepal e.V. is actively helping to counter the country’s skills shortage. As the sort of vocational education that we have in Germany does not exist in Nepal, Bahr has developed the concept for the state-recognised vocational school, called “Nepal Vocational Academy”, together with the Nepali artist and architect Rabindra Puri; it based on the dual system that we know in Germany. The Nepali government, which supports these projects, has been directly involved in the process.

The training is primarily aimed at young people from poor backgrounds who have no opportunity to obtain an education or start a career where they live. By the end of this year, 15 joiners and woodcarvers will complete their training, and 20 electricians and plumbers will do so next year. From 2020, the number of students is set to increase steadily, to a total of 150 graduates per year. Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V. will also pay their tuition and accommodation costs.


Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V. and PHARMOS NATUR, hand in hand

Jörg Bahr is hoping to inspire some German craftsmen to spend a few weeks on site in Nepal supporting the local teachers and transmitting their knowledge to the teachers and apprentices, in a two-way, supportive exchange. Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V. already has further plans in place: a hall of residence for the apprentices should receive the green light in 2020, as will a middle school for girls from 2021. Girls still have less of a chance of an education even today.

The 10th school, which is currently under construction, will provide places for approximately 550 pupils of both sexes. Training opportunities mean real prospects for the future. PHARMOS NATUR supports this wholeheartedly.

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