Christmas for the senses



This year, PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury presents five Christmas gift sets, designed mindfully and with love, for rejuvenation, regeneration and pure wellbeing.


Our products are treasure-troves of healing and rejuvenative plants, containing a source of pure beauty and infinite energy. With unique, regenerative action thanks to their rich network of ingredients, intensive light energy and high vibrations. You will see, feel and experience the intensity of SACRED PLANTS and their nurturing power every time you use them on your skin. You will feel vivacious, young and full of joie de vivre!



LOVE YOUR AGE. The LOVE Gift Set full of plant potency epitomizes pure rejuvenation and regeneration. These three products, optimally harmonized with each other, efficiently firm up the skin and activate cell renewal. Happiness hormones for the skin fill the cells with new vitality.

Repair Balm
The skin’s true fountain of youth, with a natural cell repair complex. Replenishes the deepest moisture deposits in the skin. Pure regeneration.

Eye Contour Cream
Multi-active and highly effective care to reduce fine lines. Gently smooths and strengthens the elasticity of the delicate skin around the eyes.

Body Cream
Intensive, deep-acting care for silky smooth skin all over your body. The purest plant power and intensive light energy ensure deep cell regeneration.

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Gentle care for sensitive skin. The CARE Gift Set will comprehensively nurture and protect your skin. Our innovative combination gives your skin luxuriance and new resilience. Enjoy relaxing moments of pure wellbeing thanks to the balancing effect of these three products. A relaxation programme for all the senses.

Care Balm
Dry, sensitive skin is optimally nourished and freshened. The epidermis is smoothed. Fine-pored and challenging skin is harmonized. Lines and wrinkles are reduced. 

Cleansing Emulsion
A gentle make-up remover, ideal for your daily cleansing routine, because it supports the skin’s natural hydrolipid film. Soothes chapped and sensitive skin.

Facial Toner
Completes deep pore cleansing. Refreshes and revitalizes your skin and senses. The tonic has an astringent and antibacterial effect. Your skin is now perfectly prepared for an application of our care balm.

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Calms the skin very gently and restores harmony. A holistic network of active substances with wonderful plant energy to re-harmonize the skin and your sense of wellbeing.


Balance Cream
An anti-shine treatment to harmonize the skin’s metabolism, which acts to regenerate combination skin and couperose, visibly improving the complexion.

Cleansing Gel
A lightly foaming, deep-acting cleanser that supplies the skin with wonderful moisture. Gently removes facial and eye make-up. Ideal for everyday use.

Moisture Spray
An incredible freshness kick from head to toe! Provides pleasing freshness, moisture and energy, with an astringent, antibacterial effect. Use after cleansing or whenever you like. Simply wonderful!

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A highly effective care set to counter the effects of winter on your skin. Rich products made of special healing and rejuvenative plants protect, nourish and regenerate the skin deep in the cells. For stunning radiance and a wonderful pampering experience at the coldest time of the year.


Rose Cream
A nutrient-rich, intensive treatment protecting the skin from dehydration and cold, preventing the formation of wrinkles. Your skin’s new winter coat!

Lip Balm
Smooth, supple lips with long-lasting regeneration. Lines around the lips are visibly reduced.

Bioactive Regenerative Mask
Remineralizing moisturizer with plant repair complex to stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process. Smooths lines and wrinkles. Pigment and age spots begin to fade. For a vibrant, fresh and even complexion.

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100% natural. Swift, perfect action. Versatile and easy to use. This pampering set created especially for men’s skin bestows freshness, power and energy.


Effect Serum
A vital booster for perfect conditioning, protection and regeneration with multiple healing effects. A light, foaming, yet rich texture that is absorbed immediately and moisturizes, regenerates and energizes the cells. For an intensive, active sense of wellbeing.

Cleansing & Shaving Gel
Gentle cleansing and perfect preparation for a light shave. Soothes, harmonizes, moisturizes, disinfects and revitalizes the skin. This turns daily shaving and cleansing into an enjoyable, incomparable skincare ritual.

Skin & Beard Oil
Top quality beard oil to soften the hair. Your beard will feel soft to the touch. The beard’s structure becomes more beautiful, with every single hair gleaming and bursting with health.

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Heavenscent – Frankincense from Oman

Oman, a land of wonders! Frankincense trees grow wild and free in energy-rich power spots in the foothills of the Dhofar Mountains. This liquid gold is used both for burning, to cleanse the energy of rooms and spaces, but also medicinally.

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Rejuvenative Tea

Experience unique enjoyment with holistic potency and high light energy. The tea is both refreshing and warming, with a wonderful flavour. Mellow, and wonderfully fortifying, it brings the body and soul into balance.

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Cell Vital Aromacare Citrus

Revitalizing aromatic oil with a refreshing citrus scent. This Cell Vital Aromacare oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, is made from citrus fruits and sesame oil and rehydrates, strengthens, regenerates and nourishes the skin. For a radiant complexion and relaxed skin.

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Moments of indulgence for the whole body – Body Gift Set

A tender caress for skin and soul. Sensations that stimulate the skin’s natural energy flow. These two optimally harmonized products provide moisture and lipids in precisely the right proportions and nourish the skin, leaving it velvety soft. Skin and body are full of vitality and resilience.


Body Lotion
Our body lotion is soothing, relaxing and refreshing at the same time. The skin’s natural moisture sources are enhanced by this precious combination of ingredients, which provide the best protection. A silky glow lingers on the skin’s surface and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.


Cell Vital Aromacare Joy
Exclusive black sesame seed oil nourishes, protects and smooths the skin. Your healthy, beautiful skin will show itself to its best advantage. The tissue is visibly strengthened. All skin functions are boosted. Joy stimulates, invigorates and balances the skin’s metabolism.

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AVAILABILITY: PHARMOS NATUR’s products are available in selected beauty shops, hotel spas, owner-managed perfumeries and in our online shop.

FREE FROM: our cosmetic products are certified in line with the Natural Cosmetics Regulation by NCS and Eco-Control. PHARMOS NATUR does not use hormone-like substances, PEGs and nanoparticles, or alcohol, citric acid, parabens and phenoxyethanol as preservatives.

Nature is an expression of the power of creation. Human beings are directly connected to the power of creation as part of nature.

Plants specifically promote the connection of human energy to human bodies, souls and spiritual origins, creating a balance between these polarities and thus unleashing a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

The plants so wonderfully effective in PHARMOS NATUR products on the skin, senses and soul are grown, harvested and processed in harmony with cosmic principles and the rhythms of nature. What does that mean? By cultivating our plants in the world’s most energy-rich locations, we have learned more and more about cosmic laws, and seen that, by respecting these laws and applying them with clear purpose, the plants grown in this way will act on human bodies, minds and souls and promote awareness.  For nature and humanity!

Every plant contains its own energy and essence associated with a spiritual principle, meaning that plants are also able to connect the material and the spiritual world. This always succeeds when they are kept whole and unique and not broken down into individual parts during processing.

When applied to the skin, the result is a very special feeling of wellbeing, a balance of the emotional, psychological and spiritual. A harmonious combination of the inner forces with cosmic powers. An external glow from deep inside.

In the cosmos, nothing is left to chance and everything has a perfect order. If we pay attention to these rhythms, the plants will bestow all their potency and power on us. This is reflected, for example, in measurable light energy and high vibrations.


PHARMOS NATUR plants are grown all over the world in mixed cultivation and in partnership with smallholders, who cherish and nurture the plants with great knowledge and love. We harvest the planets at appropriate phases of the moon. From harvesting and processing to shipping, our people handle the plants carefully and lovingly. In this way, we not only make use of the many hundreds of active substances in the individual plants, but the spirit of each individual plant can find full expression in our products.

We know about nature’s potency and healing power and do everything to preserve them and use them responsibly.

This is tangible in our products and treatments.

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