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Why superfood Sesamkraft is so healthy

Why superfood Sesamkraft is so healthy, and will make you happy, even at school...

Enjoying learning, concentrating on your lessons and simply being happy to go to school. This is what children and teenagers want. Parents, too, are not comfortable leaving their offspring’s health and success to chance. Many things help to set the right course, but what does it really depend on? First and foremost, feeling physically fit and full of energy contributes a great deal to mental health. Eating healthy superfoods provides a natural support. With PHARMOS NATUR’s pure Sesamkraft, you will be a wonderful success. Children and teenagers will feel good and be able to concentrate. In addition, follow these tips (which actually everybody already knows): drink lots, take exercise, get fresh air. This experience is confirmed by school counsellor and author Detlef Träbert, who himself was a teacher once.

Good to know: concentrating does not just rely on strength of will. Concentration can be trained! Healthy Sesamkraft will make these training units much easier.


What makes PHARMOS NATUR’s Sesamkraft from black sesame seeds a superfood...

We have known this since antiquity: pure, healthy black sesame seed (Sesamum indicum nigrum) is a superfood containing an exceptionally rich network of active substances and is the oldest oilseed cultivated by human beings. It first appeared in Mesopotamia and India in 3500 BCE, and grows particularly well today in the energy-rich, sun-drenched Himalayan region.

Black sesame seeds in Sesamkraft contain nutrients including stress-relieving magnesium, bone-stabilising calcium, nerve-strengthening lecithin and anti-inflammatory zinc. Body and mind will benefit enormously from pure Sesamkraft with this nutrient combination – this superfood for children and teenagers is a high-quality natural source. It contributes to building and maintaining stable, elastic bones and healthy growth, and boosts the ability to concentrate in school.


The sulphur-containing amino acids cysteine, methionine and taurine also found in Sesamkraft superfood are beyond price. They impact positively on healthy skin, thick hair and strong nails, helping them to develop without weakening. Taurine also plays an important role in the growth and development of the brain. Calcium and taurine both have a stabilising, soothing effect on easily irritated cell membranes, such as those on the heart and nerves. Vitamins B1, B2 and niacin (B3) in sesame also boost the body’s resistance against infection and support the healing process.

Sesamkraft’s black sesame also has excellent mineral content and bioavailability, with calcium and magnesium in the right proportions to guarantee effectiveness.

Sesamkraft: a healthy food

Sesamkraft is a true life-force and treasure chamber full of nutrients and building blocks. In PHARMOS NATUR’s own specially-developed, benign procedure, the seeds are opened gently, the oil is extracted and they are then ground to boost the already high bioavailability. This means that the components are immediately recognised by the body as food, and absorbed.

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